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The ULTIMATE Weekend Getaway In Destin

It’s such an understatement to say my husband and I LOVE to visit Destin, Florida every chance we get. Honestly, we more than love everything about Destin. From the delicious food to the beautiful beach we are never disappointed. We are three month in to 2018 and I had to hit the beach. Destin was calling my name and that’s what lead to us planning the ULTIMATE weekend getaway in Destin.

Where To Stay

While in Destin we decided to checkout the newly renovated Motel 6 in the Destin area. Now I know what you must be thinking because my father in law thought the same thing but I’m hear to tell you, clear your mind of any negatives you may have heard about Motel 6. I’m beyond excited to announce, as I stated above, Motel 6 did tons of NEW, AMAZING renovations and this location didn’t disappoint. The first thing I noticed about this location is just that, the location. It’s right in the heart of Destin and within walking distance to tons of attractions, restaurants and shopping, including The Harbor Walk.

The staff was very friendly amidst the chaos that was the Tequila and Taco Festival happening just an hour after my check in. Check in only took a few minutes and the kind employee informed me of morning coffee times as well as checkout time. I have to stop a minute and praise their checkout time. Motel 6 gives you a checkout time of NOON! This is great for those of us who have a hubby that likes to snag all the sleep he can. It really is the small things and that extra hour is everything to us!

Once we arrived to our room we opened the door and admired the nice green modern design. We choose a double bed room and it was very comfy for the four of us during our two day stay. The room included a small fridge, a dining table with chairs and a nice flat screen TV attached to the wall. The room was very clean with wood floors and a nice lighting. If you are looking for an excellent spot in Destin this Motel 6 is one of the best I’ve stayed in at a very affordable price.

Where To Eat

If you’ve been anywhere near Destin Chances are you’ve heard of Fudpucker’s. If you haven’t been you should surely add it to your list next time you are in the area. Fudpucker’s is home to amazing seafood and the famous Gator Beach. Fudpucker’s runs on a basis of the three F’s: Food, Fun and Friends. One visit to Fudpucker’s and you can definitely feel the love of the staff and customers. I absolutely love how big Fudpucker’s is and how there are tons of on site things to do to occupy your time if you catch them during a rush. They have everything from their gift shop to game machines to help occupy those impatient little one’s time.

Fudpucker’s offers a nice variety menu and you may be wondering what to order. To start with we recommend the Fried Dill Pickle appetizer. These fried dill pickles aren’t like any others. They give you pickle spears on this appetizer and not just some small pickle chips. These spears are breaded, fried to perfection and served with their own ranch dressing.

For the main course I recommend their Seafud Combo. The Seafud Combo gives you a variety of food to please your palette. You can choose fried or broiled to suit your preference. In my case I choose broiled. I love good broiled seafood! It’s also the only combo that offers their signature crab balls and trust me when paired with their sweet remoulade sauce these are their own little Heaven in your mouth. This combo is also served with jumbo shrimp and amber jack fish. Don’t be shy when ordering this combo though because it’s a feast made for a KING.

No dinner is complete without dessert and the bread pudding I had at Fudpucker’s still has my mouth watering several days later! This bread pudding was a lot different than other’s I’ve had as this one has a crispy fried outside and is served with caramel. None the less I dived right in and wasn’t the least bit unsatisfied. I did order extra caramel sauce, I love the stuff, and poured a little on every bit. The inside was warm, moist and gooey – something I wasn’t expecting after seeing the outside. It was a sweet delicious finish to our meal and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

To complete our trip to Fudpucker’s we headed to Gator Beach. You can’t visit Fudpucker’s and not see the gators. While at Gator Beach we were able to feed the Gators and have our picture taken with a LIVE Gator. Gator Beach is also home to Pearl, one of about 50 albino gators. Pearl has been with Fudpucker’s in Destin for quite some time now and is very happy with her environment. An insider even tells me she eats Mahi and Prime Rib daily. Pearl is safer in captivity than in the wild. Most albino gators do not make it in the wild due to their lack of color leaving them defenseless to their surroundings and prone to harmful UV rays. Next time your in Destin be sure to stop by and say a big Hello to Pearl and the wonderful staff!

Things To Do

It’s no surprise there are tons of things to do while in Destin. So much so they it can become a little overwhelming! If you are looking for things to do in the area I recommend following TO DO IN DESTIN on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest happenings and events in the area.


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