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The True Love Story Behind Whole Damn Mess

When Chad and I first started dating I remember him serenading me on the beach with his guitar and a beautiful song. There is nothing more magical than a real life true love story we can dig our claws in. The true love story behind Whole Damn Mess is one to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day. Don Miggs wife Lisa was his muse for the album and it’s nothing short of an amazing journey into his love for her.

The songs on “The Queen & The Outcast” are about connecting Don Miggs’ past and present life. They are about leaps of faith and tough decisions to risk it all on himself, a girl or love. About a year ago I set out to write an album about my biggest achievement- this 11-year love affair I’ve had with my wife Lisa: I got the girl, the kids and a life worth celebrating. 

The song “We Don’t Need A Reason” on the album reminds me not only of life but also of true love. Don and Lisa fell in love fast. Love is unpredictable and happens in the blink of an eye and let’s face it we don’t need a reason when it comes to love!

It felt like we had this amazing secret and it raised a few eyebrows, including my own! I would sometimes worry that she was a spoiled little rich girl out to break my heart but soon realized this was it, forever love. My first clue was when she confessed she always wanted an Aries with brown hair, blue eyes, who sang in a letter to me. I knew a guy… We finally decided we didn’t owe anyone an explanation and we don’t need a reason.

My favorite song on the album, and one I fell many mothers can relate to, is “Be Good To Yourself.” This song brings tears to my eyes! It is such a tender song and a great reminder to be good to yourself. Don’s wife struggled with post partum depression after having their second son Jasper, which is something I completely relate to. Lisa’s mind was a little rattled after becoming married with two children so quickly but it wasn’t long until she was back to herself. Don said at the time he couldn’t find the words but better late than never.

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