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Let’s face it, being a woman can be a rather difficult task… Especially during.. Ummm, that time of the month. Right?! As a woman who knows the struggle I am always on the lookout for anything, okay everything, to help make this difficult time just a little better. While on the hunt for a better way I came across TomBox. Their slogan “What a girl wants. What a girl needs.” Okay who else just got the Christina Aguilera song from the 90’s stuck in their head too? Your welcome.. 

Each period cycle TomBox will send you necessary supplies as well as jewelry and makeup. Choose from name brand tampons and pads, tell them your skin type and fashion type. They will customize your jewelry and makeup to your wants.

Each month their personal shoppers find the best jewelry pieces and name brand makeup to match your needs, those items along with your tampons or pads of choice are then expertly packaged and shipped via USPS to your front door.

They also offer options to add to your box. Choose Venus razor blade refill cartridges and/or double the jewelry and makeup each month.

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At as little as $10/mth I was hooked right off of the bat and I hadn’t even received mine in the mail yet. You start out by taking a style quiz. With each box you receive the following:

  • Your choice of Pads or Tampons
  • Fabulous Jewelry
  • Name Brand Makeup

Feminine essentials.. Jewelry…. and Makeup… For as low as $10/month…  What more could a woman ask for?? 

This was my first TomBox and I have to say I was more than just impressed.. Impressed is an understatement. My TomBox was busting at the seams it was so packed. One thing I will note that makes TomBox different from other subscription boxes I use: Tombox does not have some fancy elaborate box that contains your products. For me this was a HUGE plus. After seeing the products inside and the quality I felt by them not having some fancy decorated cardboard box they spent more time focusing on the products inside! Don’t get me wrong a fancy box is pretty but when the products inside do not live up to the beauty of the box on the outside it’s a major disappointment (like Birch Box from my experience). 

My box contained..

4 Full size products: 

  • Tampax Pearl Tampons
  • Model Co. Lip Enhancer
  • Medusa’s Make-up Cruelty Free Lip Gloss
  • Hikari Jet Mascara

4 Deluxe Samples:

  • Evolv h SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner
  • Suds! Bath and Body Lavender Chamomile Foaming Bath Salts
  • Eslor Introductory Collection
  • Ellovi Butter- Vanilla

2 Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry:

  • Bangle Bracelet- Reads: Live the life you love learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow (with one rhinestone at the beginning and one at the end of the quote)
  • Gold Necklace with a feather hanging and beautiful blue beads to add a pop of color

Tombox made the top of my list for subscription boxes I have received! Seriously all of the products I will be able to use. Not to mention the Ellovi Butter smells so scrumptious I had to stop myself from tasting it -_- I can not wait to see what next month will hold and I only just received this one! Have you tried TomBox before? Let us know in the comments below what you love about them! 

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