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So we’ve all been there, right? Our credit score has suffered as a lack of funds, poor decisions, the economy, etc.. There are tons of sites like Credit Karma who offer you the ability to view and track your credit score, collections, inquiries.. and of course they make suggestions which usually involve you applying for some credit card under their affiliate link that you were probably declined for anyways.. That is when it’s finally time to call in a specialist! My husband and I are planning on buying a house next year and we have been using K&R Credit Solutions for the past 3 months now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

“Not all collection agencies are legally allowed to collect on a debt just because they are reporting to the credit bureaus. Knowing who can legally collect a debt can be very confusing. We take the confusion away and navigate through the process for you. Let us help you get those collectors off your back.”

Even if your not dealing with collections did you know that old information on your credit report could potentially harm your chances of getting a new loan? So even if you aren’t faced with collections it’s still wise to have a specialist clean up your credit information.

If your thinking about your future now is the best time to start planning and cleaning up your credit. The sooner the better because it can be a somewhat slow process when dealing with collection companies. Like a wise woman always tells me “just trust the process.” Patience is a virtue when it comes to these matters but they are well worth every second when you finally reach your end result!


I am all about saving money, in fact, I signed my husband and I up with the last promotion K&R Credit Solutions was offering so I had to share this great opportunity this time around!

They are offering 50% off your first month for the first 5 people to sign up! Their prices are very affordable compared to what you would pay other companies AND when it comes to your credit it’s very well worth the small investment! This promotion is very limited so sign up before it’s gone!

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