November 12, 2017 centsablesteals 0Comment

Squashed 3D Game – Add Dimension to Your Game

Cullen just turned 6 last month and I was so excited for him to play the Squashed game! He begs to play Monopoly all of the time but Monopoly with a toddler??!! We’ve tried and it doesn’t work but Squashed on the other hand is perfect. It also helps him work on his counting and numbers which is a learning win for this Mom!

As players compete to have the last pawn standing, a roll of the die lets them move their pieces — and possibly the game cube itself. if they land on the right spot, they can lift the cube, turn it, and smash any pawns on the bottom into the block, a move our testers found quite satisfying!

 2 to 4 players. Ages 6 and up.
The game includes:
  • Squashed 3D Cube
  • Squashed Mat
  • Die
  • 4 of each color pawns: Red, Green, Purple and Orange
  • 1 King
The cube consists of 6 sides, 2 without colors and 4 with colors

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