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I Skipped Laundry Duty Last Week… Guess What Happened?!


We have a small family, including my husband, our son and myself. If you have kept up with my blog, then you know that my tubes are tied. If you missed that post you can find it HERE. Since our family is so small, when I cook meals it’s definitely not as messy as opposed to 5+ family homes. I commend you if you are one of those families. Please know you are doing an excellent job. Although I was raised in a very large family, being the oldest of five, I’ve never really wanted a big family. It seems as though God granted my wish.

So even with a small family come household chores and responsibilities. As the Mom of the house that means most of those responsibilities fall on me (which I’m totally okay with). Cooking, cleaning and washing dishes are just a few of the things we Mom’s are responsible for. Laundry, on the other hand, always seems to be the most difficult part, for me anyways. None the less I wash clothes once a week, which is Sunday night, to prepare us for the next week.


Honey Do List

This past Sunday was different though. See, I live in Alabama and if you know a thing or two about Alabama weather then you know how bi-polar it can be. We are more than halfway through May and I’ve been sick as though it’s the middle of January, for almost three weeks now. I’m tired of being sick, needless to say. I also had a doctor’s appointment (not related to my cold) in which they gave me a new medicine and upped the dose of my others. Now with all this piling on me washing clothes seemed to be the last thing on my mind.

So I skipped laundry last Sunday. You know what happened? Not a damn thing. Life went on. No one died. There are still plenty of clothes that need to get out of the closet to see a little sunlight. I think we as Moms get into our rolls so much we forget that we need to take a step back and heal. We push ourselves further than most and we get the job done. So for every Mom (and Dad doing dual roles) I want you to know you are all appreciated and if you don’t get to those dishes, clothes or mop bucket, know you are appreciated and everything will be okay. Life will continue.


2 thoughts on “I Skipped Laundry Duty Last Week

  1. Hi there! Stopping by from the Social Media Facebook Group! Hoping we all get those Alexa scores down! You know, good for you skipping laundry, amazing that everyone made it through the week anyway, right? Sometimes we take on mundane tasks that really could be skipped once and awhile. I am in Florida and it has just gotten hot and stayed that way, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had sinus infections myself, and everyone seems to be bothered with all of the pollen. I hope you are feeling better!

    1. Oh man the pollen thing is a completely different story. It doesn’t bother me but I’ve seen it bother others to the point they couldn’t breath. Pollen is no joke!

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