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With fall on the horizon, many of us are beginning to turn our thoughts to the cooler months of the year. There’s plenty of good news to be found in these considerations. There’s Halloween, just waiting to be enjoyed by our kids. There’s the delights of Thanksgiving, family reunions and Black Friday sales. Then there is the glittering jewel in the crown: Christmas, a season of sparkles, the most wonderful time of the year.

Without wanting to dampen your enthusiasm for the months to come, there is a downside. Along with all the holiday and celebratory delights the last quarter of the year can bring, there is an unwelcome guest: big heating and electricity bills.


As the temperature dips, we’re all required to dip into our purses for more money on these essentials. If your house is too cold, then you risk all manner of problems both in the house and in terms of the damage it can do to your health.

So we spend the money we have to spend, but it’s a tough one to take – especially as the increased energy expenditure comes at an expensive time of the year anyway. In an attempt to try and keep your bills as low as possible, there are a few household tasks that can keep you safe and warm the entire winter long.


1) Protect Your Pipes

Financially speaking, burst pipes are right up there with the most destructive problems that winter can bring to your life. Your entire house can be rendered useless, and then there’s the cost of repairing and replacing any pipework that’s been damaged. So take the time to have your pipes lined with heat trace wire, which can raise the temperature of the pipes and stop the water from freezing. This could save you a fortune.


2) Check Your Insulation

Really check it; don’t just grab a torch, shine it in the attic, and then consider the job done. Get up next to it, inspecting for holes. All manner of creepy crawlies can puncture holes in insulation. For every hole, you’re going to be paying that little bit more in keeping your house warm. While you’re there, it’s also worth adding another layer of insulation if you have the room to do so. Insulation is one of those things it’s impossible to have too much of.


3) Plug Any External Holes

It’s relatively easy to spot an internal hole should one develop; they’re right there in plain sight. It’s a lot harder to notice external holes, purely because few of us spend a lot of time inspecting the masonry of our home. This, however, is something you need to rectify by the time the cold weather rolls in. Take the time to inspect every surface of the outside of your home. If you find a gap, plug it; expanding spray foam works well and is quick and efficient, but a general outdoor filler will also get the job done.


Winter is coming, yes, but by following the above you can be sure you’re able to be ready for it when it arrives.


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