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With so much emphasis on taking a vacation, and getting outside more during the summer holidays; your house can often get a little neglected, and by the time autumn rolls around, it can end up feeling unclean, messy, and unloved. Therefore, it’s worth considering how you can take action, using the following steps, and improve the living environment for yourself, your partner and your children.



Get Rid Of What You Don’t Need


There’s nothing quite like a good clear-out in your home to breathe a breath of fresh air throughout the living space. Going through each room and putting old items that you don’t need, or never use, into bags and boxes will refresh the environment, and help you to keep on top of cleaning and tidying your home. Be as strict with yourself as possible; ask yourself how often you’ve used or worn the item in the last six months, does it hold any sentimental value, and are you likely to miss it once it was gone. Answering each question will help to guide you on what choice to make.


Holding an organized yard or trunk sale is a great way to keep the momentum up of decluttering your home, as you’ll have the pressure of an event to find things for. Encourage the kids to get involved (pocket money from the sale of their old stuff is always a good incentive) and clear their bedrooms and closets out of old toys and clothing. For some practical ideas, check out Tips For Getting Kids To Tidy Up Their Rooms to begin the process. You’ll feel a huge weight has lifted once everything is out the house, sold, or given to charity, and it will help to create an organized and family-friendly living environment.


Invest In The Things You Do Need


Having the right equipment for the job will always make your cleaning, tidying, and washing tasks easier; so it’s worth investing wisely. Researching into what’s on the market, and reading articles like the Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for a Dust-Free Life will help to ensure that you’re investing in items that won’t let you down, so you can maintain a clean and breezy home throughout the summer months.


Even when it comes to your cleaning products, make sure you have one of everything you’ll need to tackle a specific surface or area of the house. By ensuring you have a box full of necessary products, you’ll be able to deal with spillages, breakages, and everyday dirt, straight away; therefore, the dust and grime won’t build up over time.


Make Sure Everybody’s On The Same Boat


Getting the whole of your family to complete tasks and do chores around the home, might not always be easy; however, once everyone’s in the swing of a routine, your home will end up performing like a well-oiled machine. Homemade rotas and reward charts are excellent incentives for children to get on board and keep their environment clean and tidy.


If each family member is involved with the upkeep of the house, then keeping it fresh and organized throughout summer, will be smooth sailing.

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