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How to Remove Snow from a Driveway

Walking up to a driveway with thick snow can be a grueling way to start a day. Removing snow from your driveway is not fun but has to be done. You cannot let snow sit in your driveway for long and allow it to melt and later re-freeze.  How to remove snow from a driveway in the most effective and quickest way?

Regardless of the way you choose to remove snow from your driveway, safety, efficiently and comfort should always be prime considerations. So, before you get out for the job, make sure to stretch your muscles and layer up to keep warm.

Option # 1: Snow Shoveling

In manually shoveling snow you have two choices: shovel the driveway as snow falls (every few inches) or when the snow stops falling. If you wait for the snow to stop falling before shoveling, you will need to shovel in layers.

The most important thing is to shovel only as much snow as you can lift.

What You Will Need

  • Boots, with good traction and appropriate soles
  • Snow shovel with straight wooden handles long to prevent you from bending and with a metal blade.
  • Plow Shovel
  • Salt or sand
  • WD-40 Lubricant

What You Will Need to Do

  1. Do some stretching exercises to prepare yourself for the tedious task.
  2. Choose an area where you will be dumping the snow.
  3. Stay away from the driveway before you start shoveling. Walking on snow that has just fallen will make it harder to clear. Stepping on snow will make it packed and dense.
  4. Spray WD-40 on the tips of the shovel. This will prevent snow from clinging on the shovel.
  5. Spread some salt or sand on the slippery portions of the driveway.
  6. Start shoveling.
  7. Remove snow a layer at a time.  Keep the shovel only half full with snow.
  8. Use a pattern in shoveling: horizontal or vertical strips; toss the snow or push it; start in the middle and work outwards or start from the edge and work inwards.

Note: To lessen the stress on your body, keep your feet apart while shoveling. Take breaks between shoveling.  

Option # 2 Using a Snow Blower

If you find shoveling your driveway to be too strenuous, consider using a snow blower. Before you decide to use a snow blower, make sure the amount of snowfall in your area justifies the cost of a snow blower.

What You Will Need

  • Single Stage Snow Blower
  • Snow Shovel

What You Need to Do

  1. Check the direction of the wind. You should be snow blowing in the direction of the wind. If you snow blow against the wind, all the snow will go to your face.
  2. Choose an area where the snow will build-up. You need to blow the snow as far away from your driveway as possible. Check the highest setting of your snow blow blower to determine the farthest area you can blow snow.
  3. Set-up the snow blower. Plug it in if it is corded. Make sure it has gas if it is gas-powered.
  4. Clear the driveway of your car. Park it in the street.
  5. Clear the walkway from the front door of your house to your driveway.
  6. Start snow blowing your driveway.
  7. Run the snow blower in circular motions if there is wind.
  8. Start in the center going outwards if there is no wind.
  9. Point the nozzle outwards toward an area surrounding the driveway. Work outwards and in circles.
  10. Use a shovel to remove small bits and pieces of snow that was not collected by the snow blower. Check areas that were difficult for the snow blower to reach.

Note: When using a snow blower, avoid wearing clothes that loosely fit. The snow blower may just “collect” your clothes as well.

Option # 3 Using an Ice Melter

If you find shoveling your driveway to be too physical a task and you have a small driveway that does not justify the purchase of a snow blower, perhaps you use an ice melter. However, before you do so, give this method some deep thought. Ice melters can have some damaging effects on your driveway floor in the long term.

Option # 4 Install a Snow-Melt System

To avoid all the hassles of shoveling, using a snow blower and ice melters, consider installing a snow-melt system when you refurbish your driveway. A snow-melt system includes electric wires that are installed about 4 inches apart and covers the entire driveway. These wires below the driveway radiate heat to the surface of the driveway to melt snow.  

The Snow-Melt System is the only method on how to remove snow from a driveway that I haven’t tried. Of the three other options, I prefer using a snow blower. I used a cordless single stage snow blower for our med sized driveway and I was able to empty the driveway of snow in a snap.

Have you tried any of the methods listed about on how to remove snow from a driveway? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.


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