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The Queen and The Outcast Album Release Hits Today and It’s HOT

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I’m one of those people who love their music. Music gets me through the good times and the bad. I’m so excited to announce the debut of the new album The Queen and the Outcast from Whole Damn Mess. The new album is an alternative rock genre and it’s everything I’m needing for the summer ahead. I know it’s only January but a girl can dream of summer, can’t she?

The Queen and the Outcast is the kind of album that can only come after the ripening of life experience, and not just because of the singular story that it tells. The music itself is a unique blend of rock abandon tempered by a knowing cleverness, with pop hooks that are not only able to worm their way into the ear but provide something to ponder for the brain inside. In a culture that seems increasingly skewed to the 14-year-old mentality, it’s refreshing to find an album not made for kids that can nonetheless still make you feel like one.

The Queen and The Outcast

I absolutely love everything about this album! When listening to The Queen and the Outcast it reminds me of riding town late Friday or Saturday nights with my friends windows down and music blaring.

My favorite song on the album is And Then We Were. The beat of the song takes me back to a time before children when life was carefree with no worries. I also love that I can listen to this song around Cullen and not worry about any bad influences.

Another great song on the album that stood out to me was Anywhere Without You. Chad and I have been together for more than nine years and I can relate to this song on so many levels. I can’t imagine going anywhere without Chad by my side and the lyrics express my feelings perfectly. Check out their lyric video below!

If you are looking for a great album to get away from the world with The Queen and The Outcast is the album of you. Personally, it makes me even more anxious for summertime so I can enjoy the warm weather and rock out to the album.


The Queen and The Outcast


  1. And There They Were
  2. We Don’t Need A Reason
  3. Be Good To Yourself
  4. Anywhere Without You
  5. That’s Just How It Goes
  6. Maybe We Should Do It
  7. Helium
  8. Summer Under Covers
  9. When She Says
  10. Got You Stuck in My Head


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