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The AM/PM Whitening System Your Teeth Never Knew They Needed

Luster White is back at it again with their newest Luster AM/PM Whitening Toothpaste System and it’s the system your teeth never knew they needed, until now. At the wonderful age of 27 I wear adult braces and sometimes it can have it’s downs. One of the few downs I experience is due in part to my decision to go with white brackets instead of silver. Along with the white brackets I get clear ties and unfortunately for me those clear ties stain quick. It’s been an endless battle with these little boogers!

I started using the new Luster AM/PM Whitening System about two weeks ago and I’m truly loving the results. I started seeing results after the first use and they only continue to improve. While the toothpaste doesn’t prevent these darn ties from staining it does do a great job at getting them cleaner than any other toothpaste I’ve used.

The AM/PM Whitening System Your Teeth Never Knew They Needed

Luster AM/PM Whitening Toothpaste System is the only AM/PM instant and deep whitening toothpaste system intended for daily use and designed around morning and nighttime dental hygiene needs. The zero-sensitivity system includes one toothpaste for an instant brightening boost in the morning and another stain-fighting formula for nighttime use.

The kit whitens safely above and below the tooth surface using professional-grade, peroxide-based whitening. And of course, because both toothpastes contain fluoride, the system is a great every day dentifrice beyond its stain-busting and whitening capabilities. Visit Luster Premium White to learn more!

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