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New Years Resolutions That Will Transform Your Life

What better day than New Years Eve to mark a change for 2018, and change your life for the better. Making a New Years resolution is the perfect way to focus on yourself, and bring about a change for good. If you are looking for some great New Years resolutions, here are our top 6 picks for 2018: 

Start Taking Care of Your Health 

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You don’t have to bust a gut at the gym your first day of the year in order to feel like you are taking control of your health. Instead, a general pledge to take care of your health may be all you need to make 2018 a successful one for your life. Things like drinking more water, visiting the doctor for regular health checkups, and saying no to processed foods can go a long way to improving your health, even if you never set foot in a gym. Give yourself the gift of great health by promising to take one small step towards better health every day. 

Read More Books 

Reading is a powerful way to relax, learn more about the world around you, or simply escape from a stark and unpleasant reality. Take time for yourself every day to sit down with your favorite authors and join in on their adventures. Reading books can help prepare you for a better night’s sleep by cutting down on your melatonin burning screen time, and reduce tensions as you slip into new worlds. 

Learn A New Language

Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits. There is no better time than the present to better yourself, not to mention being bilingual looks great on a resume. We love Rosetta Stone! Rosetta Stone is the most trusted language solution and is now accessible on any device, from anywhere in the world. Take this time in the New Year to learn a new language. New Years Sale: Less Than $7/Month for 24-Month Subscription to Rosetta Stone! (through 01/15)

Adopt A Pet 

While a four footed friend may not be for everyone, if you have been thinking about adding to your family the new year is a great time to do it. Shelters are overcrowded with unwanted animals who are given up for reasons as simple as being “Too old” or the wrong color. Pledging to save an animals life is a great way to ring in the new year. 

Volunteer For Something You Are Passionate About

It might be holding babies at the hospital in order to give them a fighting chance at life, or taking care of those shelter pets we mentioned earlier because you don’t have room for a new animal. Volunteers are needed all over the world for a variety of different projects, and getting out there to help out can make a positive impact heard around the globe. You can even take a cruise and join the effort to help build/rebuild countries. Pledging to volunteer can make a big difference in the lives of those around you, and it can give you an unexpected new quality to your life. 

Learn Something New 

Changing up your day to day life with a new class or project can offer you an unexpected level of fulfillment. We spend so much of our time in the daily grind, that adding something new to our life can make us feel so much better. Whether you want to learn how to dance, or code an awesome game idea, the sky is the limit.  

2018 wouldn’t be complete without the perfect calendar to go on the wall. We recommend the 2018 OTC Calendar with a bonus of $150 worth of savings.

New Years resolutions are a wonderful way to set goals for yourself. Choose one that matches your personality, and give it all you got. Even if you only manage one day of following your dreams, it is one day that you wouldn’t have had before. We are hoping you have a wonderful 2018, and that you improve your life and have great memories from 2018. 

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