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The New Pup Subscription Box Your Furry Baby Can’t Get Enough Of

What if I told you there is now a pup subscription box packed full of hand selected items just for the furbaby in your life? PupBox is re-inventing the way you raise your furbaby. Each month they hand select and deliver the very best puppy products and training information that you and your puppy need. Toys, treats, accessories and training guides are all customized for your baby’s changing needs. PupBox will walk you through housetraining, teething, adolescence and into adulthood. Puppyhood is hard, PupBox makes it easier!

PupBox is the brainchild of Ben and Ariel Zvaifler, and their 3 year old furdaughter Maggie. Maggie was born in September of 2013 and quickly became the queen of the castle. Sitting atop her plush queen size throne Maggie would demand treats and toys from her servant parents. Ben and Ariel wanted nothing more than to spoil and please their baby rotten, but the toys and treats they brought home from the big box stores were not suited for the changing needs of the furbaby queen.

As the days passed Maggie’s intelligence began to expand. Maggie demanded more training games and lessons from her parents. Ben and Ariel scoured the interweb looking for training tips and tricks, but they constantly received conflicting messages and nasty training advice.

As the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months, Maggie continued through her many puppy stages, housetraining, shoe closet destruction, puppy crazies, terrible twos, and the dreaded adolescence. Ben and Ariel struggled to keep up, until one day they thought… “There must be a better way.” And thus PupBox was born! We know what it means to be a devoted puppy parent, and we are here to walk you through it to make sure your puppy gets the very best!

Cabella is a hyper very happy English Bull Dog. Her first PupBox was just last month and it was jam packed with everything you could imagine. She was so excited to have a box of her own. Her favorite item in the box was an adorable little pig squeaky toy. Our favorite item of the box was the portable water bottle. Cabella gets thirsty very quickly and is always spilling over any water bowl that is carried around for her. The portable water bowl/bottle in our PupBox is an all in one product that makes giving Cabella her water on the go a breeze.

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