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You Are Never Too Old To Play With Glue Guns

Do you ever remember seeing glue guns at school when you were a kid? Or maybe at your uncle’s workshop or something along those lines? They were definitely a point of interest for just about any kid back in the day, and probably still are now. Despite the fact that they are essentially just things used to glue stuff together, it is certainly a much more exciting alternative to the average glue stick which dried out in 5 minutes if you weren’t looking. If you happen to still have that slight point of your childhood unfulfilled, and want to finally play around with a glue gun, then nothing should stop you from getting some spray adhesives and glue to use in some fun DIY projects. Why DIY? Well, you need some justification to buy the glue gun, don’t you?

Without any further ado, let’s look at some fun glue gun oriented projects you can do to satisfy your inner artist, or maybe inner child.

Cup coasters

Let’s start off with something basic, and useful. Whether you personally like having tea coasters to put around when you’re enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or you like having something to put around when guests come over, then this might be for you. Of course, you might just like coasters because they protect your table or cabinet, but let’s not dwell on this any longer. This is rather simple, and all you need is some twine, and your trusty glue gun. The idea is to wind twine around while gluing it together, and it really is as simple as it sounds. Find some more in-depth instructions over here.

Rope bowl or basket

While we’re at it, we might as well touch on this. This is essentially the same as the coaster idea, except this time you’re doing it in a 3D space. Instead of twine, you can use rope, and instead of curling it around on itself on a flat surface, do it gradually upwards. More instructions can be found here.

Not just glueing?

A glue gun might be called a glue gun, and it might glue things together rather well, but that is not its only function. Unlike most glue, glue from a glue gun sets in more or less the same shape that you left it, and if you have some sort of artistic skill, you can essentially paint with it to create some charming 3D effect on any given surface.

Decorate a vase, some postcards, maybe some name tags, or just label some boxes and signs. The possibilities are definitely out there so don’t be afraid to get creative. After you’re done with the glue painting, wait for it to set and you can then paint it any colour you desire. Gold is a popular choice in this context as it creates this effective 3D gold line.

Keep in mind that this can apply to just about anything, as the glue can set on almost any surface, making it rather versatile. Want to decorate your boring candle holders? Get creative with some simplistic or floral patterns all over its sides. Want to make some decorative leaves to leave about? Get some foil, spray or spread a little bit of oil on it, and get leaf drawing Wait for them to dry, then peel them off with relative ease as the oily foil base does not allow the glue to stick to it very well. There are probably tons of these ideas online, so if you’re lacking some inspiration, it’s probably just a google search away.


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