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Remember the other day when I raved about my Metal Print from AdormaPix, in my recent review?? If you seen it you seen my handsome little man in all of his handsomeness 😉 Since then I discovered some new products on AdormaPix and had to share my new discovery!

I fell in love with my first meat print as soon as it came out of the box so it was natural I had to order another. This one had to be different though. My first one was a beautiful picture of Cullen and while I LOVE my little man I feel it best to balance my walls with some of my husband and I too. This time I decided on a smaller frame and not just the traditional rectangle. AdormaPix offers several different shapes and sizes so it was only natural I picked something different… remember I like different.

This go around I picked their medium sized hexagon metal print. I wanted something to compliment my first print but definitely didn’t want it to take the shine away from my handsome toddler! If you remember my original review then you remember me being a little frustrated with the program, as it will only take high quality images. We live in the era of the camera phone so high quality images are a little harder to come by. After much searching and debating with my husband we finally came across the perfect photo to implement with our metal hexagon print. This time we choose a not so professional photo that holds a lot of memories for my husband and I.

This photo reflects a time in our lives where we were still very young and just starting out. I was 6 months pregnant and going on a deep sea fishing trip!! Did I mention my husband’s family had just heard about our pregnancy the day before the trip and they were the ones whom we were going deep sea fishing with!!?? I expected a day of sea sickness and agony, being a pregnant woman on a fishing boat, in the ocean, very early in the morning and in the hot sun. It just seemed like it would be a setup for disaster. Thankfully, it was the exact opposite. We had so much fun! I experienced no nausea (though I did take Zofran before leaving). It’s like the fish knew I was pregnant as all the big ones gravitated to my line! I hooked the only King Mackerel which required the assistance of my hubby as that thing was a fighter!

When I ordered my metal hexagon photo I explained to Cullen that he was in Mama’s belly at the time. Can you believe he remembered that??! As soon as he walked in from daycare he noticed the print hanging on the wall and immediately reminded me he was in my belly!

AdormaPix did a great job at capturing our memories on a beautiful hexagon metal frame that we are able to gaze at on our wall each day and remember that fun, exciting, adrenaline packed fishing trip with the ones we love! THANK YOU ADORMAPIX!

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