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I announced last week about my latest partnership with Meat the Butchers and guys I’m so excited this post had to take priority! I literally received my box a couple of hours ago and here I am now writing this post. I also wanted to make a note that I left all photos in this post unedited to keep the authenticity of the meat colors!

What is Meat the Butchers (Premier Meat)?

The Butchers, at Meat the Butchers, prides itself on providing raw, grass-fed, and free-range proteins that have been sourced from sustainable family farms to Southern California businesses for the last 50 years.

It’s because we source from family-owned farms with the highest standards in the care they take of their animals and their land. The integrity and expertise found in these American family farms can’t be matched by any commercial farm that stocks supermarket shelves. And it isn’t matched by other meat companies that call themselves quality but pick the lowest level of “premium” from lesser animals raised less well. With celebrity chefs and restaurants returning to us again and again, we knew we were doing right. And we wanted to do the same for families like yours. So, after three years of research, we engineered an eco-friendly way to ship our fresh meats to your doorstep within 48 hours. That’s how we’re bringing the best from American farmers to American families like yours and making the most flavorful, healthiest, sustainable meats the standard in your household.

Our philosophy is simple. The healthiest animals make the healthiest, cleanest meats. The healthiest meats make the happiest customers. Happy customers like professional chefs, restaurants and you. We invite you to experience farm-to-plate, 5-star delicious dining at home in Premier style.


Unboxing and First Impression:

The first goodie I came across after opening my Meat the Butchers box was a neat pamphlet that contained 3 recipe cards (2 Beef and 1 Seafood). The pamphlet itself is a guide for meat storage, cooking and a couple product suggestions from their shop.

Once I made it past the nifty pamphlet I came to a white box by Pro Pak sealed as tight as I imagine Fort Knox being! Inside I found a total of four cold packs, two on top and two on bottom, and in between a silver package containing the best meat around!

It was finally time to open my silver bag of goodness and let me tell you the excitement was overwhelming!! Once inside just looking at the packages I could tell this meat was unlike any I’ve had before! Not only were the colors on point (I mean seriously look at those beautiful Salmon fillets!!) but the size and beauty of the cuts were those definitely not found in any local grocery store here! Looking to get your own box?? Meat the Butchers has provided you guys with 10% off with code CENTS. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates on the delicious meals we cook with our box of meat!!


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