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Make Every Room In Your Home Luxurious With One Tweak

Make Every Room In Your Home Luxurious With One Tweak

Giving our home an entirely new look and a spruce up from top to bottom would not only cost enough to make the Royal Family cry, it would also take a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, these are the three commodities that we don’t have enough of as it is. Luckily for you, there is a way to give your entire home that luxurious touch it needs without using everything in your piggy bank (and then having to pawn off your piggy bank too).

You see, by knowing what one thing can transform a room most, you will not only achieve that spruce up you so desired, you will also get the results right away and without having to exert too much energy either. It is a win all round, as you are about to find out.


The one thing that can make a world of difference in your bathroom is the bath itself. Forget mirrors and taps and the shower and what artwork you have on the walls; the bath is always going to draw the eye. So find a way to make this sing the tune you want to hear. It could be a freestanding tub in the middle of the room, it could be that you give your acrylic tub a lick of paint, or just change the lighting so that it casts a spotlight on your bathing suite. It’s amazing how one change can mean a world of difference.


This is a little like your bathroom needs in the sense that your biggest asset is in the title; the bed. However, it isn’t as simple as that because, if you want to achieve a truly luxurious-looking bedroom then, you need to make sure the main attractions are matching. By choosing from one of the many Queen size bed sets, you’ll have the foundations to a faux-expensive bedroom laid. Your dresser, nightstand, mirror, bedside tables and headboard will all be matching, and that will ooze the kind of affluence you associate with high-end hotels.

Living Room

Nothing shouts expensive like a little dip into the fabric pool and pulling out some velvet. This is especially true if you get the color right. As such, look at the accented colors in your living room and then decide whether pink, blue or green would go best with it. These are what interior designers call jewel colors, and they really add elegance to your space. The other great thing about this is, velvet will do the same job whether it is a brand new velvet sofa or a second-hand pouffe.


It is so hard to upgrade your kitchen’s luxury setting without spending a small fortune on certain additions like a wine-cooler or a prep sink. However, by making tiny tweaks in this area of your house you can achieve huge looks without the need to spend too much whatsoever. The first tweak is to add fresh flowers and easy-to-maintain house plants. Every hotel room uses this trick, and it will works wonders in your kitchen too. The next thing you should do is add a feature. Just one. It could be some wow light fittings, or a feature wall, or some fancy back splash tiling or kitchen chairs that are all painted different colors.

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