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We all want a beautiful home. We aspire to the kind of space that is both functional and visually appealing. When friends and family visit, we envisage a place that is admired for its beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Luxury is often associated with a high-end budget, but this is simply not the case. You can achieve an opulent, luxe look on a shoestring.


  1. Clear The Clutter

Cluttered, messy homes rarely look luxurious. So the first place to start is to have a clear out. Be ruthless when going through your possessions. Remove anything that is no longer useful or has sentimental value. It’s easier to add luxury touches if you have a clean, tidy space to work from.


  1. Clean And Well-Groomed

Old, marked paintwork doesn’t say high end. Nor does an overgrown garden. If your home needs a little TLC, take steps to spruce it up. Clean and tidy each room thoroughly, so it’s spotless and shining. Don’t forget the exterior. Your front door will provide the first impression of your home. So if the bell doesn’t work and the paintwork is grubby, fix it up.
Then move onto the decor. It may not be within your budget to paper the walls with expensive, flocked wallpaper. Instead, opt for a feature wall. Paint the room in simple colors and paper one wall only that will be the focus of the room. Wallpaper is more affordable when bought in small batches, and you may be able to obtain some off-cuts as you’re papering a small area.


If wallpaper is still out of your budget, achieve your focus wall in a slightly different way. Find your favorite photos and pictures and display them as a collection. Sites like minimalisti.com have some interesting examples. Matching photo frames can be purchased cheaply from thrift stores and online.


  1. Flowers And Wreaths

A few carefully placed vases of fresh flowers and a smart wreath on your door give the impression of a home that is cared for. Companies such as worcesterwreath.com offer a large selection. Placement of flowers is also important. A stunning display in the hallway offers a cheery welcome. And a posy or bouquet in the bathroom is unexpected and adds that hotel quality.


  1. Textures

Textures are also important when it comes to creating a quality feel, whether it’s in the living room or bedroom. Fabrics such as silk and velvet are often associated with luxury. Though it may not be possible to use this in abundance, adding a few touches here and there will be just as effective. Small batches of fabric can be purchased cheaply from Ebay and other stores and then made up into scatter cushions. Flocked fabrics also work well.


  1. Furniture

Furniture is a tricky one. Robust, quality furniture can be expensive. However, if you purchase from outlet stores and keep an eye out online, it’s possible to find some hidden gems at a fraction of the cost. This is especially true if you don’t mind a little restoration work. Painted furniture can be easily stripped and given a new lease of life. Opt for key pieces and then build on this slowly.


So, the answer is yes. It is possible to create a home with a luxury feel, without having to spend a fortune. What are your tips for adding luxe for less?

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