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Beyonce.. Scarlet Johanson… Jennifer Lopez.. What do all of these woman have in common? They have been considered the sexiest and most beautiful people in the world. Mostly due to their beautiful faces and undeniabley gorgeous hourglass figures.

Thanks to waist training, on of the hottest sculpting trends out right now, you too can achieve that ultimate figure 8 body without going under the knife or even spending all of your time at the gym. 

Waist trainers are also known as waist cinchers. They are mainly made of latex fabric with steel bonding. You can also find some made from nylon or neoprene but their bonding will always be made of steel. When used properly they can reduce a persons waist line 1 to 5 inches but keep in mind trainers and corsets are completely different and should not be mistaken as the same. 


Benefits of Waist Training: 

  • Post pregnancy body restoration – to help women who’ve just given birth get back their body pre-pregnancy.
  • Improved posture and back support – for women suffering from poor posture and back pain, trainers are a great way to force the body to straighten and ease the job of the spine. Proper posture is a conscious effort for many and it’s tiring for those who slouch. Trainers hold the body up, forcing the torso and spine to straighten for that undeniably beautiful posture.
  • Lowers Calorie Intake – because the stomach is cinched in, wearers do not have the ability to consume large portions of food. In a way, wearing trainers can help you lose weight because you’ll be eating smaller portions of meals.
  • Burns Belly Fat – wearing trainers means having a heavy piece of garment worn so close to the skin. This creates a thermogenesis effect on the body, which is the body’s natural way of heating up. This promotes perspiration, and helps to get rid of toxins and impurities from the belly – leading to a naturally reduced waistline.

Buying Your First Trainer: 

  • Do Not Follow Your Dress Size When Buying a Trainer - Typically, the size of the trainer you must use is 4 inches smaller than your waistline. Trainers are meant to be super tight but still comfortable on your waist. If you’re medium sized, then a small trainer will be ideal. Once a trainer no longer feels tight, then it’s time you buy a smaller one – this also means the trainer you used worked.
  • Buy 2 or More Trainers - Trainers are meant to be worn everyday. They need to be cleaned and washed every now and then and when you do, you won’t have one to wear anymore. So it’s best that you actually have a collection of trainers so you can alternate using them. This also increases their lifespan – eliminating your need to constantly buy one trainer after another ’cause they’ve worn out.
  • Make Sure the Boning is Made of Steel - Steel boning and steel busks are the gold standards for top quality trainers. They are more powerful, stronger, yet more flexible than plastic boning. They do not restrict movement and have an amazing ability to draw in your waist but without making your feel restricted.

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