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Larson Jewelers wedding bands-Better than Kay’s

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but in case you don’t already know, I am obsessed with jewelry. I honestly do not care what kind it is as long as the quality is decent. Pawn shops and Kay’s were usually my go-to for affordable jewelry. That was until I discovered Larson Jewelers. If i’m being honest, I have to say I stopped shopping a Kay’s after this horrible incident and the way their employees treated me. Seriously, find better if your a Kay’s shopper! Thanks to Larson Jewelers I can design my own band and do it all from the convenience of my home. Not to mention their customer service is untouchable. From wedding bands to watches they are sure to have what you are looking for.

Wedding Bands

Take this gorgeous wedding set for example. Look how beautiful the quality is! The male ring is tungsten. If your not familiar with tungsten then you are really missing out. My hubby works hard to take care of our family, like men do, and he is always using his hands. Tungsten is a type of metal that will not scratch or break. It’s seriously that tough and let’s face it they need something that will stand up to their everyday work life. Not to mention how affordable they are! Larson Jewelers offer more than 500 styles of tungsten rings, with engraving options available.

Now take the women’s wedding/engagement bands for example. The one pictured above is made of 925 Sterling Silver. They quality compared to my Kay’s is untouchable. It’s beautiful, elegant and simple. I LOVE simple especially when it comes to my rings. The diamond is beautiful and much bigger than the photo depicts. It stands higher than my other rings. With Larson Jewelers you can do your ring shopping all in one place. Just look at how perfectly these two bands compliment each other!

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60 thoughts on “Larson Jewelers Wedding Bands

  1. They make such beautiful jewelry! My husband has a tungsten wedding band and it is incredible! It literally never scratches or scuffs, and he uses power tools and his hands constantly. It is definitely the perfect material to make life long rings/jewelry out of! 🙂

  2. My dream of ever purchasing a ring has declined as the result of an event that changed my life!The event had taken effect as the result of an uninsured driver backed into me (as a pedestrian), later to find out that the driver had no insurance & didnt own the vehicle. The incident resulted in that of a condition that’s first documents during the Civil War but (to this day) has yet to have a cure. But the costs of keeping with that of whats available costs a considerable amount, and I cant afford things like co-pays, tests etc.And to pay even a portion I have to often sell that of what’s dear to me, but I would want to be selected so I can have that of an it to put in the pocket (of my heart) as a reminder to do the very best.

    Prayers are asked to be said throughout the year for my entire family; especially for that of medical appointments that are upcoming!

  3. I don’t buy many expensive pieces. Never had a reason too.. But Ive received jewelry from Hollands before. I do shop at kohls, claires, ect for cheap jewelry for my daughter though.

  4. I usually like to shop for jewelry on Amazon or Etsy. I found my engagement ring on Etsy and I am so in love with it! It is a rainbow blue flash moontstone on a golden band.

  5. I have never shopped at Lawson Jewelers, but I would like too. I usually buy jewelry from shopping nteworks

  6. I shop for most of my costume jewelry online. I don’t make many expensive purchases, but I would do so in a brick and mortar store.

  7. We don’t really shop for jewelry, we don’t usually have the money. I would probably shop online and just wherever I find something I like. thank you!

  8. I like to shop at jewelry television. their bella luce jewelry is beautiful. always sparkling. It never looks dull

  9. I usually like to shop at this one store near me it’s called Charming Charlie they have colored coordinate jewelry it’s lovely I love some of there stuff.

  10. I rarely shop for jewelry, but I would usually go to the family jewelry store that family and friends have used for years–trusted and make beautiful items!

  11. I dont get to buy a whole lot of jewelry, but when we have I have bought online, sometimes auction sites and here in town locally. I hadnt heard of Larsons yet.

  12. i like to shop jewelry at several small Etsy shops. They have a meandering taste not found elsewhere.

  13. I also like the selection that I see at Larson. I thank yo so much for sharing them with us, and I am now following them.

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