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Bluma Project Ibiza Tote Review & Giveaway

Ibiza Tote

When I think of India I think of luxury and high end. Everything I have seen come from India is always of exceptional quality. I’ve also always been a fan of handmade products. I mean who doesn’t find beauty in handmade quality products vs. machine produced? When I discovered Bluma Project, particularly the Ibiza tote, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

I first discovered Bluma Project in my May PopSuar Must Have. This particular box featured a beautifully made bracelet. They are a culturally inspired, globally minded company. This Brooklyn-Based contemporary company offers products handcrafted by artisans in Guatemala, Peru, India, the Philippines and Brooklyn, and they do not disappoint.


I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving THIS Ibiza Tote from Bluma Project. I seriously tracked this tote every hour from the time it had shipped, the excitement was overwhelming! This beautiful tote has become my new favorite. I swear with each new purse I get they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I would say the Ibiza Tote is a particularly large size tote, larger than most I have seen. The handcrafted design is unique and phenomenal. This tote is very thick which shows it’s made of excellent quality. There are no loose strands or frays, which is something I’ve seen on more poor quality handmade items. The strap is very thick so there is no need to worry about it snapping (I’ve had a very well known high end brand do this), or not being thick enough to support the weight of the contents. There is a zipper pocket on the inside with a very well made zipper. This tote is not only perfect for your next wardrobe style but would also make for a very stylish beach bag! I will note that I would have loved for there to be more pockets on the inside to hold things such as my business cards and store cards. I found this to be very minor compared to the beauty and quality but it is just a preference thing.

Ibiza Tote Tassel

Designer/founder Beth Schaeffer hits the road to be inspired, but also to work with artisans in the regions we discover. Using ancient techniques, all pieces are fully crafted by hand. The resulting designs have an organic, but very modern feel — an east meets west sensibility that bluma project is known for.

Color is a huge part of the bluma narrative and every season’s palette is sprinkled throughout the collection – whether it be a tassel, a gemstone, or dip-dyed earrings that go from gold to platinum. Color and texture give our handbag collection its bold look — created with artisans in the Andes.

bluma project is pleased to be working in these parts of the world, to continuously be inspired and to produce authentically handcrafted designs for our loyal and global customer base.

Now is your chance to win your very own Ibiza Tote. Head over HERE for your chance. Prize value $178!

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