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It may not be nice to think about, but burglaries and home invasions happen to people like you and me. While no one wants to be the victim of such a terrible crime, there are a lot of common mistakes which can make a home a much more appealing target for opportunistic criminals. Here, we’ll look at some of the ways people make their home a target. If you’re doing any of these, change it immediately!


Showy Exteriors

We all take a lot of pride in our homes, and like to inject a bit of our unique personalities into it here and there. Usually, doing this is completely harmless. However, making the exterior of your home too showy can often be a huge security risk. Anything that will make your home stand out, from unconventional lawn ornaments to a bright colour scheme, can potentially be all the convincing a burglar needs. From a security point of view, it’s better to make your home blend in with all the others on the street.

Neglected Exteriors

While it can be dangerous for your home to look like it’s worth a lot more than the others on the street, it can be equally dangerous to let the outside of your home fall into disrepair, and the exterior to become shabby. Burglars think of two main things when they’re sizing up the house: how easy it will be to gain entry and how valuable the potential loot will be. While aesthetically attractive houses will tell a thief that there’s something worth stealing inside, neglected ones will tell them that it will be easy to gain entry. Spruce up the exterior now!

Lack of Security Measures

You don’t have to turn your home into Fort Knox, but with more and more people deciding to fit their homes with security systems, having at least some visible measures is almost a necessity. If the other homes in your area are visibly well-protected, but you don’t have any cameras, floodlights, heavy-duty locks or even signs of a dog, burglars will look at it and consider it a pretty good prospect. If you don’t have any security measures like this in your home, start checking out some reviews like this: alarm-reviews.net/livewatch-security/ .

Discreet Entrances

Burglars, while being selfish and cowardly, aren’t especially stupid. They’re not going to saunter right up to the front door of a house where everyone can see them and try to force the lock. Instead, they’ll look for a more discreet entrance. If you’ve got any basement or cellar windows, large vents, and back doors which the neighbours can’t see easily, then this could be another tempting feature for opportunistic burglars who happen to be passing.

Visible Tools

One way of preventing burglaries, which a lot of people aren’t aware of, is making sure you keep any tools locked up and out of sight. Things like step ladders, stools, lawn furniture and common gardening tools can all be used to break into a home, and therefore present a huge temptation to thieves. Don’t leave out anything that could be used in a break in on display.

Signs that You’re Out of Town

Yes, violent home invasions can and do happen. By and large, however, most burglars prefer to target homes which they know are unoccupied. This reduces the chances of them being discovered, and in turn caught by law enforcement. Things like letting your newspapers pile up on the porch, or the lights being off all night, can serve to tell potential burglars that you’re out of town, and therefore that your home is an easy target. If you’re going to be away from home for a while, be sure to make the home look occupied in one way or another.

Hedges and Bushes

Many people are totally oblivious to it, but the landscaping around your home can have a big impact on the way a would-be burglar sees your home. An excess of hedges, bushes, shrubs and trees can all make it a more attractive prospect. These are all potential hiding places where the burglar can wait and survey the home, gauging how easy or hard it would be to burgle. If you can bear to remove some of the shrubs, hedges and so on from your garden, then I recommend you do it to reduce your home’s chances of being burgled. A sense of privacy for you is often a glaring opportunity for burglars to find out more about your home!

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