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Over the past week I have come to realize, not as many people as I thought know much about Amazon and reviews. A recent seller sent out an email asking us to refer friends and family to them so they could pass their products along to in exchange for reviews. Naturally I posted openly on my Facebook of this opportunity. While there were several who knew exactly how to begin reviewing products on Amazon, there were even more who were interested but didn’t know where to start. It wasn’t until this point I realized maybe I should create a tutorial on how all of this amazon reviewing works. 

Before you begin reviewing one of the most important requirements is being an Amazon Prime Member. Amazon also offers a free 30 day trial of Prime you can sign up for to try and to help get yourself started with reviews. Most sellers who want reviews offer free two day shipping but only for Amazon Prime members. The two day shipping is very important as sellers usually would like your reviews done as quickly as possible. Your reviews help their products out tremendously on Amazon, so it is always important to get them in immediately. Other ways to get free 2 day shipping: Amazon Mom and Amazon Student (requires an edu email for confirmation).

If you have any issues with your product always, ALWAYS, contact the seller first. Sellers love making their customers happy but you must give them the chance.  Leaving bad reviews not only hurts a seller but it can hurt you as a reviewer. Sellers tend to look at your Amazon Profile before choosing you. Another important thing to remember, most items are sold by the sellers but SHIPPED by Amazon. What does this mean? This means Amazon is in charge of packaging and shipping your product. It is their job to make sure your order is correct and is packaged safely. If your product arrives damaged, the seller will still fix the item, BUT that is not the overall review of the item. In an event like this there is a section labelled “packaging feedback” in which you leave this information. Packaging feedback does NOT belong under “product review” and it is very important to remember this. 


So you have Amazon Prime and you are ready to jump on the Amazon Review wagon. What next? The easiest way to get products FREE or deeply discounted is to join an Amazon review site or an Amazon Review Facebook Page. To find an Amazon Facebook Group simply type the words “Amazon Review” into your Facebook search bar. These groups love bringing you products to review BUT they are very strict. You will more than likely need to fill out a Google Doc with your Amazon profile information included in it. You also usually will fill out a Google Doc form after each order with your order number listed. You have a certain amount of time to get your reviews in. After said time you will be placed on a temporary ban list, meaning you have to get your reviews in before you can order again. After a while of being on the ban list you will eventually be removed and banned permanently. This is why it is VERY important to only order items you plan on reviewing.  

Looking for an Amazon Review Website? Try using google and the words “Amazon Review.” Some of the better ones I have discovered include:

  • Amazon Review Trader
  • Elite Deals Club
  • Third Voice Marketing (Lots of E-Books) 

After you have worked on your reviewing and have built some popularity with reviewing you can start contacting sellers yourself. Now this method is time consuming, discouraging at times (you may get tons of NO’s before you get Yes), and confusing. When contacting a seller to offer them reviews in exchange for product always remember to keep your end of the bargain! Never break your bond or agreement with a seller as most of them stay in touch and once you establish a good review relationship their chances of coming to you again for more reviews are increased significantly. 

To contact the seller directly when you pull up an item you will see under the price (ref. to picture above) “Sold by X and Fulfilled by Amazon.” You will need to click the company in which it is sold by in order for it to take you to the sellers store front (bottom left picture). Their store front will show you all of the items that particular seller has for sell on Amazon, as well as a summary of their seller reviews and percentages 



Once on the sellers store front you will want to look to the bottom right where I have outlined in red, above.
Click the “Contact the Seller” option. On the next screen choose option “An Item For Sale,” subject “other question.” 
Contacting the seller does NOT guarantee you product at all. Sometimes it may actually do you more harm than good. It is a good way to avoid the middle man, in my opinion. Until you are more seasoned and experienced with Amazon and Reviewing I suggest sticking to the Facebook Review groups and the review websites. 

Things to remember: 

  • Good review are at least 5-7 GOOD Sentences Long
  • Include Pictures or Videos Any Chance You Can
  • Always.. ALWAYS include a disclosure statement saying you received the product free or discounted in exchange for your opinion
  • NEVER.. EVER Purposely Down Vote Another Reviewer.. EVER! 

Sorry for such a lengthy post, Amazon and reviewing is a lot of information! If I left something out please let me know in the comments below! If you have questions also please leave them below so I can answer them for you! I hope this article was helpful for you, if so be sure to share it with your friends and follow our social media channels for the latest post!

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