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I have to admit I am a little salty I am discovering all of these wonderful baby products that I didn’t even know existed when my little one was a mere infant. With that being said, I am so excited that I am at least able to bring these amazing products to you all! Among these amazing products is a beautiful Stroller Blankie made by Blue Baby Bum. Honestly, I no longer have the need for a stroller but I have considered using this blankie as a cover up when I am sitting on my couch.

This Stroller Blankie is beyond soft. Actually, saying it’s soft is quite the understatement. It feels amazing and if it’s soft enough for me it’s definitely soft enough for your little bundle. As you can tell in my picture below just by looking you can almost feel the silky soft feel of the blankie.

Each product, including the Stroller Blankie, by Blue Baby Bum is 100% handmade in the USA. On the Stroller Blankie the print side is made of 100% Cotton while the inner side is made of 100% polyester (hypoallergenic). Perfect for use all year long, including the colder weather some of us are already experiencing.

The Stroller Blankie also comes with straps, eliminating the ability to kick the blankie off. The blankie is also very well made with strong durable stitching and is sure to last!

Wrap your growing toddler in the warm, plush and ultra-soft luxury of this trendy and playful blankie. Created by a mom, it is design with practicality in mind. Easily attaches to any stroller and can be rolled up and down on demand without disturbing a child’s precious sleep.
Roll up and cover baby when entering an air conditioned room or leaving the house on a cold day. Roll down and secure with straps when leaving a cold area, entering a heated room or to remove child from stroller. This blankie will stay put ready to keep your precious cargo warm on your next outing. Its sac-like design keeps warm air in and prevents child’s legs from kicking the blankie off. You’ll never say “Oh! No. I forgot to bring a blanket” ever again.

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