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My son is 4 year old now, and my days of making babies is over. No you may not judge me. Any who, with him being my first and only child when he was a newborn it was a really tough time for my husband and I. Cullen, my son, was a very cranky new born. He hardly ever slept and my husband and I both worked full time jobs.

At the time we were living with my in laws, in their house. They were not use to having babies around anymore as my husband and his sister were both grown. Being quite in their home was a thing of the past and quite frankly I look forward to those days!

When Cullen would finally go to sleep I will never forget that pins and needles feeling I had about every noise imaginable. If I am being honest I still get that. Have you ever experienced the amount of talking a toddler does in a day?? Then you know why I stay on pins and needles about noise. I like bedtime, maybe more than I should admit.

Loud televisions, car doors slamming, loud talking and even doors closing. Currently, our guest bathroom is in the same tiny hall as Cullen’s room and the hair on the back of my neck stands up when someone goes to use it. The door is so loud opening and closing it gives me a panic attack.

That is why I am sooooo in love with these Shushie™ by Bella Bundles! It’s so simple but yet I never considered or even put thought into these life savers. Seriously, they have reduced my stress so they have to be adding to my life span! They are also perfect for babies room. I say babies because I do not check on my toddler now like I did when he was just months old but I do remember constantly opening the door to check on him. There were also several instances in which the door disturbed him and it was back to cranky baby mode.

Shushie™ work to muffle the sound of the door latch so that you do not wake your sleeping baby, or toddler in my case. Elastic bands fasten around the knobs on both sides of a door, securely covering the latch with a cushion.

These things are GENIUS. I could kiss the ground of the Mom who came up with this.. Not even joking right now. They are very beautiful, thick and made of excellent quality. No need to worry about the door messing them up, these things are very durable. The best part? They make for excellent stocking stuffers for the new Mom or stressed out Mom in your life!

Bella Bundles also sells a variety of of other functional products sure to help make you and your bundle happy 😀

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