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As a woman I very vividly remember the typical Holiday gift sets frequently given during Christmas time. Normally they are cute cheap little packages from big box stores that are hardly worth the box they come in. I typically try to stray away from gifting these sets as they normally end up being returned or re-gifted. So to say I was excited to discover the Premier gift sets would be a drastic understatement. Not only are their product amazing but what makes them even better are the natural ingredients used to make each product. I incorporate natural ingredients into my everyday routine any chance I get and adding Premier to my daily skin care routine was icing on the cake, and what’s cake without icing.. Right?!

Their products smell both relaxing and therapeutic and thankfully are not so overpowering it’s hard to bare. They make your skin feel luxurious and pampered, as if you have been at the spa all day! I’m all for the spa feel in the privacy of my own home! Premier has the perfect gift(s) for you and/or your loved one this holiday season. Give them the gift of beautiful, luxurious skin this Holiday Season!

Premier by Dead Sea Premier opened for business in 1990 with belief that nature enhanced by science can make up all a little more beautiful. They take elements from the legendary Dead Sea and use other botanicals and natural ingredients to develop miraculous formulas that can astound and amaze both themselves and others. Premier’s items and collections can be both anti-aging and therapeutic, but the results are always luxurious. Their development and manufacturing is completely environmentally-green and animal friendly. With their formulas and high standards, Premier has won countless awards that they believe prove they are doing exactly what they aim to do!

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