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One of the best parts about the holiday season is the decorations! I’ve mentioned traditions before and of course we have a lot. I swear my family and I have a tradition for everything. At Christmas time we would pick a few nights out of the month and ride around looking at the beautiful lights and decorations. Of course what gift guide is complete without those beautiful decorations incorporated into it.

Holt Renfrew is a store based in Canada and boy do they have an amazing supply of breathtaking decorations. Not only do they have Christmas decorations but they also offer an abundant supply of beauty and fashion products. I like to think of them as a one stop shop filled with an enormous amount of great products.

Celebrating a 177-year heritage, Holt Renfrew is recognized worldwide for an inspired shopping experience. Once a purveyor of fashion to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Holt Renfrew began in 1837 as a modest hat shop. Over the years the brand developed and expanded across Canada. In the 1930’s Holt Renfrew began exclusive accounts with leading European designers and in 1947 hosted Monsieur Christian Dior when he launched his “New Look.” After many years of foreign ownership Holt Renfrew was bought in 1986 by W. Galen and the Hon. Hilary M. Weston. Under their ownership Holt Renfrew has become Canada’s destination for luxury retail.

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