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Helen Henny Ultimate Birthday Celebration – Chuck E Cheese

Helen Henny

It’s summer, ok almost, and I couldn’t be more happy for the summer activities I get to experience with my family. We don’t get out much during the winter, I hate cold weather, so summer is our make up time. We spend our days at the lake, on the boat, and grilling with family and friends. We are always looking for other activities to fill those days we aren’t on the lake. This May 27-30 is Helen Henny’s Birthday weekend and Chuck E Cheese is celebrating in style. Chuck E Cheese has given me the opportunity to pick one of my lucky fans to receive an Ultimate Helen Henny Birthday Package. This awesome prize includes: Helen Henny coloring sheets (includes 5 free token coupon), Helen plush, 1,000 tickets, 1 guest pass (includes 1 pizza, 4 drinks, and 30 tokens), Helen Henny bookmarks (includes 5 token coupons). For your chance to win this awesome prize visit my Facebook page HERE and be sure to like, share and comment (yes, it’s that easy)!

Visit your local Chuck E Cheese on the dates of May 27-30 for tons of goodies including:

  • $1.50 Dippin’ Dots
  • $2 off Helen Henny plush dolls
  • Everyone gets a Helen Henny coloring sheet with 5 free token coupon when they leave
  • Helen Henny will be there to celebrate + take photos with guests (9 Locations listed below)
  • Chance to win a pair of virtual reality headsets, a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and guest passes in the Helen Henny birthday sweepstakes (last day to enter is 5/27)

Unfortunately Helen Henny will not be making an appearance at my location BUT that isn’t going to stop us from enjoying the rest of the goodies!

  1. Brooklyn, NY – 139 Flatbush Ave, 3rd Floor
  2. Omaha, NE – 225 N 76th St.
  3. Spokane, WA – 10007 N. Nevada St.
  4. Alexandria, VA – 6301 Richmond Hwy
  5. Skokie, IL – 7142 Carpenter
  6. Kendall, FL – 8701 SW. 124th Ave.
  7. Queens/Flushing, NY – 40-24 Collage Point Blvd Ste 8213
  8. Wilmington, NC – 4389 Oleander Drive
  9. Maple Grove, MN – 12945 Elm Creek Blvd.

“Helen Henny Fun Facts”

1.    Helen Henny’s deep passion for music began at an early age, growing up in New York City—right down the street from Broadway!

2.    Helen is a vegetarian – no meat for this chick!

3.    Helen is a great singer, but she’s also an amazing gamer and takes pride in mastering every new game at Chuck E. Cheese’s

4.    Helen first met Chuck E. when he challenged her to a game of Pong (which of course she won!)

5.    Chuck E. invited Helen to join his band right on the spot when he heard her sing a victory song after their Pong match

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