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 Look at my cutie! Ok now that I’m past that let me get to what exactly it is you are looking at 😉

As a child my Memaw had mine and my sisters photos taken religiously! You can even dig through my baby book, Memaw made for me, and see every season and holiday of my life professionally pictured up until I was well into my teens. Unfortunately, this tradition didn’t pass on to my son. This is actually the first set of professional photos we have had taken of Cullen since he’s been born. Don’t judge us… We were so impressed with the photos but couldn’t figure out what to do with them other than letting them sit on the CD that we opted to buy.

Then while surfing the internet one day I came across AdormaPix and my options continued to grow. They offer all kinds of neat prints and I knew as soon as I found them it was time for our Cullen’s photos to come to life.

I decided to go with their metal wall prints as they looked beautiful, like all of their other products, but the metal was something different and let’s face it.. I like different. I will admit I struggled at first. I searched and searched for days for that darn photo CD but I wasn’t having any luck locating it. I had other photos I would have liked to have gotten onto the metal but every one I tried was to low quality.

AdormaPix’s system will automatically detect if a photo’s quality is to low for the size print you are wanting. As frustrating as it was at first looking back I am so glad it wouldn’t let me use a lower quality photo. It just wouldn’t have been as beautiful and believe me this print is BEAUTIFUL! I seriously Gasped really loud as I was pulling it out of the box. I was also worried about the sizing as I wasn’t sure how big the print would be but the sizes seemed to be so small. Wow! Was I wrong. I choose the 11X17 (but there are many other options bigger and smaller) and it’s the perfect size for my wall. My wall actually looks better with it on there. The printing and proportions are just perfect! I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and shipping of my gorgeous metal print!

I will also note they offer different finishes as well as different attachments to the back of the photo for hanging purposes. I choose wall float option so the photo wouldn’t be flat on my wall and would gave just the right amount of length from the wall. It’s no extra charge for the different backing options either!!!

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