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Doing Good Without Doing Anything At All

The phrase “Check your privilege”, gets some serious circulation in social media these days. And, let’s admit it, in an era where we have the sum total of all the world’s knowledge in a plastic and glass rectangle in our pockets, where we can get food from any restaurant in town delivered to us on bikes within minutes, it’s easy to forget just how privileged we are. We need only look at the news on any given day to remind us that outside of our safe bubble of privilege there are a plethora of social, economic and natural injustices out there worthy of our attention. With so many local and overseas charitable causes, each as deserving as the last it can feel as though we could give everything we owned without affecting lasting change. But what if doing good in the world was simply a matter of making a few more judicious choices?  Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can do good even without doing anything out of the ordinary…

Doing Good Without Doing Anything At All

Ethical Coffee

Who doesn’t depend on a steaming hot (but not too hot) coffee in the morning to help us face the impending challenge of the day and give us the va-va-voom to attack them with vigor. But even the brand of coffee you choose can make a huge ethical difference. It’s easy to assume that all coffee has been made off the back of exploitation of coffee farmers in less developed economies but some brands are committed to diverting more profits toward farmers so that they can live comfortably and invest their profits back into safer and more sustainable production methods.

Amazon Smile

There was a time we relied on Amazon exclusively for books. Can you imagine such a thing? Now many of us rely on it for everything from our consumer electronics to our groceries. If your ethical conscience is pricked  by the thought of using a huge multinational giant like Amazon, it may be assuaged to learn that you can use Amazon Smile to divert a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice, without paying a penny extra.  

Wunder Capital

We’re conditioned to think that we have to give money to do good in this world, but what if you could actually make money while also doing some good for the environment? That’s the thinking behind Wunder Capital. If you already have a diverse stock portfolio, you may want to invest in this diversified solar portfolio that helps to promote renewable energy.

Lemonade Home Insurance

If you have a child, or even a pet, you know that your house is home to a weapon of mass destruction that can / will / does go off at any moment, potentially causing massive collateral damage. Most of us know that home insurance or even renter’s insurance is just good fiscal sense but did you know that Lemonade Home Insurance also has an ethical conscience? Lemonade allows customers to nominate a charity that will receive around 10% of the cost of their premium.

Using these businesses will hopefully give rise to a new wave of capitalism, one that does good for the planet and all its social causes while still turning a profit.


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