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If the 21st century were to have a mantra, it would be the push for everyone to go green. Once the preserve of hippies and those who picketed oil production, being eco-friendly has now well and truly crossed into the mainstream.

Of course, just because we know we should be more green aware doesn’t mean it’s necessarily something you’ve been able to do. One of the major reasons for this is the perception that going green is actually incredibly expensive – far more than the non-green alternatives that most of us have come to rely on.

This doesn’t actually have to be the case. As with every other kind of industry, sure, there are expensive options that come with an eco-friendly label – but there are more affordable choices too if you’re willing to look for them.

So if you’ve been wondering on how you might be able to go green without spending too much green, then never fear, the alternatives are here.

Go Green At Home

By far the quickest and simplest way of ticking the eco-friendly box at home is to convert your energy needs from reliance on fossil fuels to more sustainable measures. Not only will this help you contribute to the long-term health of the planet, but you might actually be surprised by the renewable energy savings that are on offer.

For an additional benefit, it’s worth heading into the attic to inspect the insulation – or add some if there’s nothing there. If you’re fed up of spending most of winter too scary to turn the heating up for fear of fuel bills, this can make a real difference.

Go Green With Makeup

Beauty products might not be an essential, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their place in the green living eco-system. It’s unfortunately a lot more difficult to track down products that are made sustainably, but there is a hack you can use: look for cruelty-free. Generally, if a makeup brand is investing in cruelty-free products (i.e. products that aren’t tested on animals) then it is more sustainable and ethical in every other mode of production.

There’s an easy way to see if the items in your makeup bag pass the test by using the search function on the Leaping Bunny website. The Leaping Bunny certification is highly coveted and any brand that has it will have passed serious muster to achieve it. Plus the bonus is you can be sure your products are cruelty-free always.

Go Green With Cleaning

The final mention for the quest for more eco-friendly products goes to household cleaning. Many household cleaners contain chemicals which are doing great harm to the environment, as well as the air quality in our own homes.

There is a multitude of more ecologically-aware brands to choose from. There’s a good starter list here, while you could also research homemade alternatives for the other products in your home.

The same concerns should apply to how you wash your clothes, too. A lot of water is washed down into the sewage system with every wash, so you want to make sure the detergents you’re using pass muster when it comes to this basic household necessity.

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