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Get Back to You This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes all of the festivities we have come to know and love. Dazzling Christmas lights and the smell of a baking turkey may fill us with joy, but there are some parts of the holiday season we could do without. If your body is feeling the effects of a little too much holiday spirit, we have 3 tips for you that will help you get back to feeling like you again. 

Feeling a little bloated? 

Maybe you ate a little too much stuffing, or an extra slice of that holiday ham. Those foods can make you feel bloated because you’ve taken too much salt into your system. Your body needs to keep the sodium balanced, so it will keep extra fluid until the balance has been reached. This can make you look and feel several pounds heavier, because you are carrying so much extra water. The best way to get yourself feeling back to normal is to dilute the salt in your system with even more water. Once your body senses that the level of salt is going down, it will let go of the fluids that are making you feel bloated, and you will be back to looking yourself again. 

Dark circles under your eyes? 

We may love the holidays, but they can do a number on our sleep schedule. Baggy, puffy eyes may go hand in hand with late night batches of cookies and present wrapping, but it shouldn’t have to ruin your holiday photos. You can easily give your eyes a soothing treatment by soaking tea bags in hot water and letting them cool. Lay down, place them over your eyes, and then cover them with a damp cloth. The anti-oxidants in the tea combined with their most warmth will soothe your eyes and help reduce their puffy, dark rimmed appearance. 

You can also make them look and feel better the same way you get rid of the bloating we talked about—drinking lots of water. 

Does your hair look like it belongs to the Grinch? 

Cold winter weather can result in unwanted static. We can’t control those dry, cold days, but we can do something about how our hair handles it. Luckily, a dolip of anti-frizz serum works on static too. If you don’t have any in the house, you can also try running a dryer sheet over your hair. The same anti-static principles in the dryer sheet will work on your hair too. Just do it in private so your in-laws don’t ask you what you are up to! 

The holidays are a wonderful time for getting together and being with family. You can still embrace this wonderful time and not worry about the drawbacks of holiday stress just by following these easy holiday tips. Even if you do have a few hairs out of place though, remember that your family and friends are unlikely to recall those moments when they talk about it years down the road. They’ll be talking about the memories you’ve made instead. 

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