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renaissance festival

My family and I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Georgia Renaissance Festival, in Fairburn, GA. As a child I can always remember my Mom taking my sister and I to historical sites around the southern states. I was so excited for the opportunity to step back into the Renaissance era.

Be prepared to walk! This festival is more popular than I expected and parking distance was more than a hop and skip from the entrance but definitely worth the walk. Once you reach the main entrance you are greeted by what I will refer to as jesters. The two jesters give you a warm welcome all the while laughing and joking with you. The actors/actresses really make this festival come to life with their costumes and even their language. You will feel like you have gone back in time from the moment you reach the entrance. The buildings are also very beautiful and add that extra renaissance feel to the setting.

Once inside the festival there are tons of shops and activities to keep your schedule full. The first shop we stopped at offered free samples of hand made lotions, soaps, and even beard oil. My brother in law decided to try the beard oil and for the rest of the day his beard radiated a rather enjoyable scent. It began to rain right after we arrived but the rain didn’t slow the crowd or the festival. There were plenty of shops to take shelter and wait it out while others continued to go on.

A few booths down it began to pour a little harder so we took shelter in a jewelry type booth. This wasn’t your average jewelry store but instead a renaissance jewelry store. Which if I may add I believe I fell more in love with than my local Kay’s, who knows us by name. This particular booth stood out to me and probably will from this point on. The two ladies running the booth were very full of life. Greeting and explaining the history behind each item they sold. They just so happened to offer the best items for sale too. I fell instantly in love with what they called a puzzle ring. The history behind the puzzle ring, and I am just simply paraphrasing here, but once upon a time ago a husband gave it to his wife. He used the ring to know if the wife had been unfaithful. If the ring came off of her finger the puzzle would come apart and she would have no idea how to put it back together. Unlike before, once you buy a puzzle ring from this particular booth they coach you, so to speak, on how to assemble it properly. They also send you home with a paper as well as an instructional video. Puzzle rings are offered in sterling silver and 14 K Gold. Of course, I loved the gold.


Aside from shops, there were also food vendors and many shows for entertainment. Food was surprisingly affordable. At most outdoor events the food is so expensively priced but that wasn’t the case here. You could purchase a batch of fried Oreos for only $3 and drinks for $3. Much better than the $5 drink price we normally come across. The shows run at different times all day and rang from Jousting to a Fire Circus. Each show is carefully planned and beautifully executed. This years Georgia Renaissance Festival was one for the books. It was also one we will be attending in the future. Be sure to bring extra money as there are tons of vendors with unique items and food you will want to give a try (hello frozen hot chocolate)!


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