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Forget Hand Washing Makeup Brushes with This New Beauty Release

Today, Lilumia announces a revolution in beauty and skincare, ZOË, the first fully automated makeup brush cleaner. ZOË’s patented technology cleans up to 20 brushes in five minutes, removing oil and makeup leaving your brushes renewed and ready for use.

ZOË’s multi-surface cleaning disc is specially designed to remove dirt, oil and makeup from various sized brushes. ZOË is the first brush cleaner to ever feature a gentle yet effective drying cycle by fan, ensuring that brushes are gently dried preserving the integrity of the brush and extending the life.

I originally designed Lilumia because I hated the process of cleaning my makeup brushes, but I knew that I needed to clean them regularly to prevent unwanted breakouts,” says ZOË Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Lilumia. “ZOË is the result of customer feedback, suggestions from professional makeup artists and our commitment to continuously improve the product. ZOË is 30% faster and smaller than our current brush cleaner, Lilumia 2, and creates a complete cycle with washing, rinsing and drying hands free! We want ZOË to set the standard in beauty hygiene and with the improvements we have made with this device, she is certainly on her way.

ZOË also comes with Lilumia’s proprietary cleaning solution to ensure that bacteria is removed from the brushes in the washing cycle. ZOË is very simple to use. Makeup brushes can be cleaned in three simple steps:


  • Pour liquid – pour warm water into the clean water section and cleaning solution onto the Lilumia cleansing disc.
  • Load brushes – load up to 20 makeup brushes, with large brushes on the outside and smaller brushes on the inside to take advantage of the multi-surface cleaning disc.
  • Push button – ZOË automates the rest of the process, washing and rinsing brushes in just five minutes and then lifted away from the cleaning disk as a fan circulates cool air through your brushes; drying them without damage.


Forget Hand Washing Makeup Brushes with This New Beauty Release

ZOË is now available for pre-order through Indiegogo at limited quantity discount of up to 50%. ZOË is available for purchase in black, white and hologram colors. ZOË will be available in retail this Summer 2018, starting at $149 MSRP. To pre-order ZOË now you can visit:

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