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Foolproof Ways To Stop Waking Up With A Sore Back Every Morning!

You may remember not too long ago I wrote a piece on how to get a good night’s sleep. I looked at some of the main reasons we struggle to fall asleep and provided some good old fashioned advice that will help you sleep better.

Now, as something of a follow-up to that piece I’m talking about another problem we get when we sleep; sore backs. A lot of you probably wake up every day with a sore back and don’t know why. So, I thought I’d give you some help and show you how to cure this problem.

Upgrade Your Mattress

More often than not the cause of your morning back pain is an old mattress that’s lost its quality. What you should do is upgrade your mattress and find something that’s fresh and designed to keep your back free from any tension. Just by looking at various mattress reviews you’ll see that memory foam mattresses are often described as the best for dealing with back pain. Pick one up, and you can wave goodbye to that stiff back of yours every morning.

Sleep In The Right Position

Did you know that the way you sleep could be causing your back pain every morning? If you’re a stomach sleeper, this is probably the case. Sleeping on your stomach makes your lower back arch, which can cause pain. When you figure that you’re asleep for at least 7 hours, being in this position for that long is a problem. Likewise, if you’re walking up with pain in the side of your back, then it could be down to sleeping curled up on your side. If you want to guarantee yourself of a good sleeping position you should sleep on your back. To go the extra mile, you could even rest your legs on a couple of pillows to really take all the stress out of your back.

Foolproof Ways To Stop Waking Up With A Sore Back Every Morning!

Massage Before Bed

Often, if you go to bed with a tight back, you’ll wake up with one. Some of us can do things throughout the day that causes our backs to tighten up and get sore. So, to counter this, give yourself a little massage before bed. Get your partner to massage your back for a few minutes to really loosen up that tension. Or, get something like a massage ball or foam roller to do it yourself. By going to bed with a relaxed back, you strengthen your chances of waking up without any soreness.

Bedtime Yoga

Following on from the above tip, you should also consider doing some bedtime yoga before you sleep. Again, this helps release tension and stretch our your sore muscles before bed. So, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and without any lingering soreness.

If you struggle with a sore back every morning, follow my advice. It’s highly common to wake up feeling sore, even if the pain goes away once you start walking around. Get rid of the pain completely with my tips and you’ll stop dreading bedtime and feel more relaxed at home.


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