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It’s very easy being green, at least when you consider how much cheaper it is in the long run. While the appeal of an eco-friendly home is primarily to help the environment, it doesn’t hurt that it significantly reduces your bills. All it takes is a few home improvements here and there, and you could have the perfect eco-friendly home, as well as more money in the bank. Even if something does seem too expensive at first, rest assured that it will pay for itself with monthly savings.

Insulate your home

During winter, you expect your energy bills to go up because you’re turning up the thermostat to keep you home warm. Unfortunately, if your insulation is poor, you might as well be paying to heat the air outside your house. Heat your home this winter by putting some effective insulation in your walls, ceiling, and loft. Around 25% of heat lost from an uninsulated home goes through the roof, so it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to this area.

Install solar panels

Solar panels can save you a lot of money in the long run because they help your house generate its own electricity. If you’re considering making this upgrade, go to a trusted solar company to go over your option and decide on a payment plan. The cost might seem steep at first, but over time the solar panels will pay for themselves in energy savings.  As an added bonus they might earn you a discount on your property tax.

Double glazing

Heat also escapes through the cracks in old windows. If your windows are old, leaky, and obviously made of wood, then you’re probably spending a lot of money heating the outside of your house and it’s past time to upgrade to something more efficient. Double pane windows and other vinyl frames are much better than single pane windows and aluminum frames. Upgrading doesn’t have to cost much either, as there are plenty of installation companies willing to give you a good quote. Spread the cost of double glazing, and you can pay it off with the money you save on energy bills. Your neighbors will also thank you as this reduces noise that escapes outside.

Update your appliances

Every few years you find that your furniture has exceeded its warranty so you go shopping for a replacement. However, a fridge is an overlooked item in this category, perhaps because it always looks like it’s working just fine so it’s deemed an unnecessary expense. But refrigerator technology has made dramatic strides since the 1970s. Nowadays, new appliances are more energy efficient than their predecessors, so you’re actually wasting more money by not buying a new fridge. Any other eco-friendly appliances may seem expensive initially, but it is estimated that you will use a significantly less amount of energy with a green appliance than you will with its counterpart. Over the course of time, you will save far more than what you invested in the new appliance.

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