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The summer is here, which means a vacation is on the cards. Well, it is if you have the money to afford one. And, because you’re a family, that isn’t always the case. Indeed, looking after kids and paying the bills isn’t cheap, so most people don’t have the cash for a holiday.


But, should you let a little cash flow stop you from two weeks in the sun or an adrenaline filled jaunt? Of course it shouldn’t because there are ways to afford a vacation even if your finances aren’t great.


In fact, you can find a list them underneath if you continue reading. Sun, sand, sea and cocktails here we come!


Shop Around


It’s a cliché, but the best deals don’t always pop up on Google the first time you search. Although it’s annoying, you have to put in time and effort to locate the ultimate bargains on the web. For starters, you’re going to have to visit a host of websites. Sure, Expedia does cover every base, yet it’s only one supplier so the price is bound to be high. By looking at competitors’ websites, the chances of finding a better deal are higher. Also, don’t forget to check the prices separately. Holiday-goers and families particularly, love a package deal because it’s quick and easy. However, booking flights and accommodation individually could be a big money spinner. You never know when an airline will sell a return ticket for less than one-hundred dollars.

Go All Inclusive


A young family like yours will love the idea of having a lot of free time. That way, you can go out and explore and enjoy the area without any restrictions. The only thing about going ‘half board’ is the additional costs. Obviously, you will have to cater for you and the family when you are out and about. Sadly, that means paying for lunch for a lot of hungry mouths and rumbling stomachs. And, lunch doesn’t come cheap when you’re abroad, not unless you eat fresh bread and butter for two weeks. By choosing an all inclusive option, there is no need to worry about any additional costs. All the food and drink is inclusive in the price, so you can gorge without breaking the bank. What you have to decide is whether you want to sip cocktails by the pool or drag the kids around the town.


Wait Before Booking


The trick to affording your dream vacation is compromising. Yes, everyone wants to go away in the summer because that is peak season. The summer time is when the hotels are full and the atmosphere is at its best. It’s for this very reason that it’s also the most expensive time to go on vacation. The hotels and the airlines know that the demand is high, so they up the prices. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing if you’re on a budget because it decreases your options. Thankfully, there is an easy fix: don’t go in summer. If you wait just a couple of weeks, the price will drop dramatically and a great holiday will be within your budget. Okay, the end of August or start of September doesn’t sound as good, but it has its benefits. The weather is still warm, the atmosphere excellent, and the hotel not too crowded. Oh, and did I mention it’s half the cost?

Organize A Payment Plan


In the past, booking agents and airlines wanted the money upfront because they were cynical. Nowadays, they understand the plight of families a lot more, and they are far more inflexible. Take a payment plan, or ‘lay-by,’ as an example. Instead of paying for the entire holiday in one lump sum, lots of companies allow you to pay over a period of time. As you know, forking out a couple of thousand dollars in one foul swoop isn’t feasible. But, paying for it over the course of a couple of months is much more practical. As long as you agree on a suitable payment rate, the vacation should be well within your budget. If you don’t know where to begin with a lay by simply include it in your online search. Or, research it and call the company to find out more about their terms and conditions.




Set Up A Savings Account


‘Yeah, okay, I’ll just put some money aside each week. What a great idea!’ It is a fantastic idea, but it’s one that most people find hard to achieve. The reasons are twofold: they put it off until time runs out, or they dip into their fund. If these are going to hurt your chances of saving for a holiday, a savings account is in order. Quite simply, the money from the direct debit comes out of your bank every month and you don’t even realize. By the time you come to check it, you’ll have a significant amount, more than enough to pay for a holiday. A tip: never put away more than you can afford. Little and often might not seem like enough, yet it builds up over time.


Get A Loan


It’s not like you’re going to remortgage or anything because that would be silly. After all, there is no point in selling positive equity for a few weeks abroad. But, there is a reason to secure a small, cheap loan to supplement the vacation. Let’s face it – you want everyone to have a good time because good times don’t come around often. The problem is it isn’t possible if you don’t have a decent reserve of money. Of course, prudent financial planning is paramount any time you opt for a cash advance loan. Indeed, people have lost out simply because they acted too casual. Still, as long as you can make the repayments and it’s only a small amount, there isn’t a boatload of risk. A couple of hundred dollars makes a huge difference to the holiday fund and is easy to pay off quickly. If a private lender is out of the option, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member.


Book It Late


The early bird catches the worm, or so the saying goes. But, the good news is that this saying isn’t always right. There is no doubt that planning is effective, as the majority of the above tips can attest. Still, there is also a lot to be said for winging it and leaving it until the last minute. Why? It’s because some of the best deals don’t appear until the eleventh-hour. From time to time, airline companies and holiday brokers will have cancellations. Rather than lose money, they will advertise the holiday at a drop down price. If you’re lucky and vigilant, it could be yours and all for a bargain value. Of course, you need to check the sites every day just in case on appears, and nothing might come of it in the end. If it does, though, you will save a fortune, money that you can spend on enjoying your family time together. Okay, you and your partner can spend it on two for ones when the kids are in bed. Either way, it’s extra money for the holiday fund, and that’s what’s important.


Money shouldn’t stop you from having fun and getting away from the rigors of life. After all, you still deserve to relax and recharge even if you’re in a tight financial spot. Thanks to these simple hacks, money doesn’t have to be an issue any longer.

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