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I Discovered NATURALCOLORS Hair Color And This Is What I Learned

When it comes to dying my hair I’m a natural. Although, most of my hair has grown out to natural color before now I’m very fond of hair color and what I like. A few weeks back I received an email about NATURALCOLORS which is a chemical free, permanent hair color. Once reading more about NATURALCOLORS I decided I had to give them a try and this is what I learned.

NATURALCOLORS are unlike any other coloring system I’ve ever used.

To obtain perfect results and desired color you must follow the instructions very carefully. Instructions are provided with each kit but don’t freak out because they are simple and easy to follow.

NATURALCOLORS pigments are enriched with soya and almond oil to cover even the most resistant hair.

Organic products are an evolving trend and demand is growing, fast. NATRUALCOLORS is permanent ammonia-free hair color and care rich in certified organic ingredients, nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, nourishing vitamins and natural plant extracts. It offers a great coloring experience conditioning the hair leaving it smooth, healthier, shinier and glossier.

High pH damages hair.

Chemical ammonia based hair color uses high pH 10.5 – 12.5 in coloring. NATURALCOLORS’s pH is lower at only 8.5. NATURALCOLORS uses heat instead of ammonia to get color into the hair.

Benefits Of Using NATURALCOLORS:

  • Hair color and hair care in one bottle
  • Specially formulated to cover resistant hair with 60%-100% grays efficiently
  • Pigments enriched with soya and almond oil for more intense color
  • Acts as conditioner improving texture for denser hair and beards
  • Less itchy more comfortable application
  • After regrowth no demarcation line
  • Ammonia and resorcinol free to minimize damage
  • Enriched with fruit extracts to protect hair structure
  • Fortified with vitamins C and E
  • Long lasting naturally vibrant color
  • Lifts up to four levels
  • Color is laid on. No swiping up and down
  • No staining to hands, scalp or face

NATURALCOLORS is also GMO Free, Gluten Free, Toxic Free, never tested on animals and hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics.

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