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Convert, Don’t Extend

Convert, Don’t Extend

Thinking of improving your home to add more space and up its value? Most people immediately consider an extension. However, there may already be unused space in your home that can be converted for less. Here are five ways in which converting your property can be just as profitable as extending.

Create an open plan lounge-kitchen-dining area

Knocking the walls down between your kitchen, living room and dining room could help to create an open-plan living space that will make the property more desirable. You’re best off hiring a professional to knock down these walls as it’s not just a case of swinging a sledgehammer – you have to consider piping and electrics within the masonry and load-bearing walls. Creating cut-outs is sometimes a more stable option. Either way, it will make the downstairs of your home feel more social and more flowing.

Turn your loft into an extra bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom to your property is a great way of adding value. But rather than build an extension, why not use an already unused upstairs space in many of our homes – the attic. Some lofts are harder to convert than others – to be classed a liveable space a loft must be high enough to stand up in and must have a suitable escape in the event of a fire (i.e. a staircase, not a ladder). You can raise the roof to get around a low ceiling height, although this will cost extra and will require planning permission. Either way, it’s still cheaper and easier than extending.

Got a basement or a garage?

These rooms can also be converted into extra living spaces. There are companies that can handle basement development to transform the space into an extra lounge or bedroom. A garage will need a bit more work to turn it into a liveable space, but it will still be a more profitable renovation than an extension.

Use the space under the stairs

The space under a staircase can often be neglected. However, this could be turned into a downstairs toilet or even a walk-in wardrobe for hanging coats. Converting the space under a staircase is usually an inexpensive job. Not all staircases will have enough space beneath for converting, but there may still be potential to create an extra storage space.

Use alcoves

Have you got a room with an alcove in it that could be converted into something else? An alcove in a bedroom could be turned into a large wardrobe. If it’s big enough, you may even be able to turn it into an en suite bathroom. Consider if there are any irregularly shaped rooms in your home that could be divided or better purposed.


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