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In 1982, a troupe of young street performers founded by Gilles STE-Croix mixed with the crowd of tourists, artists and collectors in Baie-Saint-Paul, the mecca for Quebec painters. They formed The High Heels Club. Walking on stilts, the entertainers juggled and breathed fire. Inspired by the vacationers’ obvious delight, the performers organized the Baie-Saint-Paul entertainers’ festival, where the public witnessed the beginnings of what would soon become The Cirque Du Soleil.

Cirque Du Soleil gave new meaning to the term “circus.” The show creates a striking, dramatic mix of the circus arts (minus animals) and street performance featuring wild, outrageous costumes, magical lighting and original music.

Since starting in 1984, Cirque Du Soleil has produced man astonishing performances, including Kurios in 2014. Kurios is Cirque Du Soleil’s 35th production since 1984.

Kurios: The Cabinet of Curiosities

What if by engaging our imagination and opening our minds we could unlock the door to a world of wonders?

Kurios opens with a stempunk clock striking 11:11 and suddenly time almost stands still. In an alternate yet familiar past, in a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination, a seeker discovers that in order to glimpse the marvels that lie just below the surface, we must first learn to close our eyes.

From the time you set foot onto the grounds, you are transported back to a time in the early nineteenth-century. A time filled with imagination and wondrous European Renaissance attire. There were more than a hundred costumes created for the cast of Kurios. Walking into the big top my husband and I were just astonished at how beautiful and intricate the set and props were.

Kurios is a show for all ages. Your little ones will love every minute! Trapeze artist, humor, contortionist and more await your wildest possibilities. The cast interact with the audience keeping you hooked for the entire show. This was my husbands first ever experience going to a circus type show and I warned him after his expectations after Kurios would be to high from this point on.

The show begins with a band of travelers, in their Sunday best, exiting a steam locomotive, unleashing a frenzy of acrobats, percussion and dance. Watch as the very own Kurios band begins your journey into this cabinet of curiosities with memorizing music and an astonishing juggling performance.

A strong man and a porcelain faced ballerina emerge from a musical box, when awakened by an electrical discharge. Climbing on top of an apparatus, 4 meters above ground, the strong man turns into a human trapeze, as he flings his partner in the air. The pair perform an astonishing duo based on mutual trust


An acrobat mounts on her acrobatic bicycle suspended in midair and hangs on in a variety of striking positions.

The show continues on with the next stop being the invisible circus. Led by an oddball ringmaster gaze upon the circus that has never been seen. There are five acts total including a loose lion and one act who is a little shy. If the acts do not please you then trust me the hilarious ringmaster is sure to make you smile.

The contortion act was by far my favorite.
​On top of the Mechanical Hand, four artists execute a series of incredible pyramids and figures in a stunning fluid and fast-paced contortion act.

This was the act I wondered the entire time how they pulled off.
​Dinner guests competing against each other through feats of ingenuity and daring realize their chair-balancing act is also unfolding in a parallel albeit inverted universe. For most of this act one half of the performers were suspended upside down. It wasn’t for to terribly long but it was long enough I was worried. Clearly they had everything under control.

This act had my hubby on the edge of his seat. He’s not one for balancing or heights which explains quite a bit.
Atop a tottering structure of cylinders and planks, a daring artist balances masterfully on a suspended swinging platform built into a trapeze Washington.

The second part of Kurios was just as good if not better than the first filled with acrobats, yo-yos and a hand theater but I will save that part for you to see yourself. The performers really do a fantastic job of playing each roll they are set to play. The costumes didn’t disappoint and neither did the props. It was truly a must see. Out of everything I will say my favorite part was the band. They really brought the play to life and the singer has this beautiful soft voice that wisks you along the entire show. It was really hard choosing just one act as they were all a joy to watch.

Kurios is in Atlanta until May 8. You can go HERE to see their full schedule.

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