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Career Options For A Stay At Home Parent

Being a stay at home parent means that you are at home with the children. Many people take this decision as an ‘easy way out’ of hard work and that’s not the case. Being at home with the children doesn’t mean that you don’t work or earn money. If you’re struggling to make money as a stay at home parent, then here are some career options for you to consider so that you can start bringing in the money you and your family needs.

Career Options For A Stay At Home Parent

Become a sales rep

A popular choice for career for stay at home parents is being a sales rep for a company like Avon or Juice Plus. It allows you to work around your children’s schedules and the amount of money that you could earn is limitless. The only thing stopping you from earning lots of money is the amount of effort that you put into it. A great idea for Moms who are struggling to get anything done in the day because of children and keeping them occupied – you can do it when they are in bed! And a lot of companies encourage social media promotions! Definitely something to consider!

Take courses online

If you’re the type of person that’s planning on being at work once the children are in school, but you want a career that’s going to be worth the time away from home then you should consider taking online courses. You have much more flexibility than if you were to attend college and you can gain a operations management degree online and many other different courses online. Doing this will allow you to still be at home with your children while learning so that you can jump into a great career once they start school!

Do freelance work

If you have a range of skills that include creative writing and being able to produce high quality web content then freelance work might just be the right route for you to take. Websites like UpWork have clients who are always looking for freelancers to complete tasks. Sometimes you can even land yourself full time work that you have the pleasure of doing from the comfort of your own home. Again, there’s a lot of flexibility in this job, so you can work it around your children and other commitments that you might have. Another bonus of being a freelancer is that there is again, no limit on how much you can earn. If you find the right kind of work that pays well, it’s just a matter of how much work you can get done in a day.

Working to provide for your family doesn’t always mean going out and having a 9-5 job. Money is very much achievable to make from home and if you put your mind to it, you could land yourself with a salary that’s much better than you could have ever imagined! Consider these three ideas for your career path and see where it takes you!


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