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Best Places To Raise A Child Outside Of The US

When it comes to bringing up children, the US has a wide range of attractions. However, it’s not the only
place for you to start a family, and as anyone who has traveled will know, there are plenty of other places
that also offer lots of advantages for a young family. Ranging from safety and security to strong educational
options, there are plenty of advantages to locations outside of the US for bringing up a family.


Best Places To Raise A ChildWhen it comes to moving abroad, lots of Americans choose to take their families to one of the most similar
countries across the pond: the UK. Lots of things about Britain remind us of home, including the language
spoken and the popular culture on offer. However, there are also lots of other positive aspects: many of
Britain’s cities, such as London or regional locations such as Birmingham and Edinburgh, are very safe, and
in many areas there is little to worry about in terms of crime when you let your kids walk the streets.
What’s more, there are also lots of excellent organizations for kids to join. The Scouts and Guides, for
example, offer many age-relevant activities for your kids to participate in, while nearly every town has a
range of leisure options such as swimming pools and sports centers with child-friendly activities taking place
almost every day. Your kids will never be bored here!

Hong Kong

Best Places To Raise A Child
When it comes to moving to Asia, many American families decide to make Hong Kong their new home. Not
only does the autonomous territory enjoy a wide range of cultural advantages for adults, such as good bars
and leisure options, but there are also many excellent education options to keep the kids happy. Hong Kong
international schools are important parts of the local system, known for their emphasis on science,
technology, engineering, and math (STEM), which means that your child will be well prepared for life beyond


Best Places To Raise A Child
Moving to a new country is hard at the best of times, but if there’s a language barrier involved, then it can be
even harder. Moving to a European nation such as Germany is a prime example of when language becomes
a key aspect to consider: most Germans, of course, speak their native language, and it’s not guaranteed that
you will be able to converse in English. However, Germany is an excellent place for children and young
people. There are lots of outdoor locations and national parks in Germany for your kids to play in, for
example, so your kids can stay happy and healthy when living here.

No matter where you choose to raise your children, there will be a location out there that’s just right for you.
From city states in Asia to bustling European nations, each place that you could possibly choose comes with
a range of advantages. Once you’ve settled on your chosen place, you’ll soon find plenty of opportunities for your children to integrate and make the most of the move.

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