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Summer is here, the weather is wonderful and it’s time to get outside. The only problem is your garden is an overgrown mess that nobody wants to spend time in. The space is all there and the possibilities are endless but you can’t afford to make it look good can you? Think again. While you might not be able to afford to get a landscaper in to clear all of the weeds and build you a beautiful garden, an amazing garden is within your reach. There are plenty of ways that you can build a garden yourself, without breaking the bank. It’s going to take a bit of hard work but if you’re willing, your garden will be the envy of your neighbors in no time.

Shop Around


This is the golden rule when you’re trying to do anything on the cheap and gardening is no exception. You’ll need to try to do as much as you can yourself, but there are going to be some things that you need to buy. When you do have to spend money, make sure that you don’t just buy the first thing you see. Sites like https://www.couponsherpa.com/ have plenty of discount codes on great gardening equipment and seeds to help you minimize on costs. You should also make sure that you’re checking lots of different retailers for any offers that they might have on.


Raised Garden Beds

If you have large sections of patio on your garden that take up valuable growing space, taking them up and replanting the lawn is one option, but it is quite expensive and time-consuming to do. It is much cheaper and quicker to put in some raised garden beds. There are still certain things that won’t grow in them because they aren’t deep enough but you can plant most flowers and some root vegetables in them.


You can really cut costs here by building them yourself. Don’t worry if you aren’t a DIY expert, they’re very simple to make. You just need wood for four sides, the screws to fit them together, and some cardboard. Decide where they are going to go and measure up the area. Then cut your planks to size and sand the ends. Buy different width pieces of wood depending on how tall you want your garden bed to be. Next, line up the end of one plank with the side of the adjacent plank and screw them together. Repeat this for all of the sides and you should be there. Finally, you just need to put a layer of cardboard in the bottom to combat any weeds that might grow.


Make sure that you fill it with a good quality compost and you are ready to start planting.


Pallet Wall Hangers

Putting plants on the walls as well as in the ground is a good way to make the most of the space in your garden without having to do expensive remodeling. Buying hanging baskets and wall mounted planters is easy, but it’s much cheaper to make your own. Making a wall hanger using a pallet is incredibly easy. The simplest way to do it is to just screw the whole thing into the wall and then, by adding a few planks to the bottom of the slats that are already in it, you can make lots of small shelves for potted plants to go on.

This is the easiest version, but once you get a bit more confident, there are plenty of other ways that you can use pallets to create more interesting wall hangers. The best thing about this is that you can usually find pallets for free. Look around local businesses that might have some outside. If you ask them, they probably won’t mind you taking it off their hands. You can use the wood that you find for free to make the raised garden beds as well; when you are making your measurements, make sure you take into account the size of the wood that you have.


Drawer Planters


If screwing a few bits of wood together is still too advanced for you, making a drawer planter is surely easy enough. The amount of work involved is minimal, you just need to get a few bits. All you need is an old set of drawers. Take them out and there you have it, a planter. Just fill it with soil and put some plants in. If they are a bit old then you might need to do a little bit of restoration, and it’s probably worth putting some varnish on to protect the wood from the rain.



If you are having the opposite problem and the entire garden is lawn, then gravel is your friend. Most people like to have some non-grass areas of the garden to put their furniture on. A nice patio is great, but it’s also incredibly expensive. It’s also more difficult to do yourself so you might end up having to pay a professional to do it for you. Why not think about using gravel instead? It’s much cheaper to buy and far easier to lay. Simply dig up the first two or three inches of the grass in the area that you want to gravel. Then get some protective weed fabric to lay down, it will keep your new pathway looking nice and make it easier to maintain. Then just open your bags of gravel and pour it in. To finish off the path and make it look more professional, you can buy small borders that just need to be buried a few inches into the lawn.


Split Plants


This tip will save you a lot of money but you won’t see the full effect for a few summers. If you put the time in, you can fill your flowerbeds for a fraction of the price. The first step is to find the flowers that you want and buy a few small ones. When you plant these, your flowerbed is going to be looking very bare, but don’t worry, it won’t be like that forever. At the end of the summer, once they have grown a bit, take them out of the ground and split them into three, making sure each section has an equal amount of stalks and roots on it. Then plant these three next to each other and your flowerbed will start looking a lot fuller. Repeat this for two or three summers and you will have a huge bed of flowers without having to pay the price.


Easy Plants


Some plants take a lot of work. Finding the time to constantly prune and tend to plants is difficult these days and if you don’t keep up to date, they are likely to die. Not only does this mean you have to spend a lot of time on them, it means you have to pay to replace them each year. To avoid this, choose plants that are fairly low-maintenance and also ones that will survive the winter so you don’t need to replant them every year.

Small trees are good for this because the only thing you really need to do with them is prune them every now and again if they get a bit too big. They are cheap to buy and they’ll last all year around. It’s best to go for smaller trees like apple trees or certain types of cherry tree.


Finding flowers that will bloom all year around is a bit more tricky but there are some out there. Most of them are varieties that have been bred over the years by gardeners for this specific purpose. Some good choices include Foxgloves, Salvia, and Erysimum.  




When your garden is finished you’ll want to spend those long summer nights enjoying it, so you’ll need lighting. Putting in some proper fixtures is going to cost you so don’t bother with that. Try using solar powered lawn lights instead, they won’t cost you anything to run and you can get ones on spikes that just stick into the grass wherever you need them.


Another, even cheaper solution, is fairy lights. They will cost you next to nothing to buy and you can hang them from the trees to give your garden a magical feeling.




Building an expensive decking and shade for your garden will push the price over the top. Even though you can’t afford that, you still need some kind of shaded area for those days when the sun gets a bit too much. Instead of a permanent fixture, you could make an easy shade using a piece of fabric and a few poles. That way you can easily take it down as well.


Use The Garden

You can massively cut down on time and expenses if you leave some parts of the garden as they are. That doesn’t mean just throw a few chairs into the weed patch and settle in. You’ll still need to clear most of the mess but the natural formations of some plants can look nice. Anything around the edges of the garden, like trees, rocks or large areas of plants, can be kept in and you can build the garden around it.

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