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Growing up I remember my grandparents would always take my sister and I on a week vacation to Florida. Out of all the trips to Florida I’ve taken not once have I had the pleasure of visiting SeaWorld or Aquatica! That was until the week before school started this year! My family and I had the pleasure of going to Orlando to check out both parks. We decided we wanted to start at Aquatica, the water park.

The process we went through to get into the park was simple and stress free! The staff and customer service were top notch! Upon entering the park we discovered several places throughout the park had little sprinklers to help keep the concrete cool. There were a lot of firsts on our trip. My son is 5 and even though my husband and I have been to other water parks, this was his first time and I’m not sure who was more excited us or him! We purchased one of the lockers to hold our items so we did not have to keep up with them throughout the day. We also opted in for the cashless wristbands to avoid losing any of our valuables.

After settling in we grabbed some life jackets, which were provided by the park. I forgot Cullen’s life jacket so it was a relief seeing they were provided by the park at no extra charge. Suited up, we decided to hit upĀ Roa’s Rapids! The rapids were a blast! Looking back now that was my favorite “ride” throughout Aquatica! We ended up riding it twice. The excitement continued as the boys decided it was time to hit the slides. Walhalla Wave was the first. Minimum height requirements are 42″ and Cullen was right at 42″. He was so excited but I must admit my Mommy worries kicked in. Cullen had never ridden a ride, not even at the fair, and here he was getting ready to go down one of the water slides! He had a blast. He even asked if he could go again! After several other rides we decided it was time to grab lunch and head to our second stop of the day, SeaWorld!

Planning a trip to Aquatica? Below are a few tips I found useful:

  • Pack appropriately. I recommend bringing flip flops or water shoes (make sure they are comfy), sunscreen and towels!
  • Invest in one of the lockers they offer!
  • I highly recommend arriving to the park early so you can grab one of their Cabanas. They sell out quickly!
  • If it’s in your budget then sign up for their Quick Queue!
  • Aquatica offers Cashless Wristbands that are great substitutes to bringing your wallet.


We arrived to SeaWorld just in time to see the Dolphin Days show. You can check out my live video on Facebook! The dolphin show was amazing! My favorite part of the show included the parakeets. There were a few times, during the show, that parakeets flew above the audience in perfect formation! You can see them in my live video! How do you even begin training them?! After we then went to Antarctica to visit with the penguins. While in Antarctica we took a ride on the Empire of the Penguin. This ride was perfect for little ones who may not ride the big coasters. As hot as it was outside once you got into the area where the penguins are it’s freezing!! It’s a great little way to cool off! We also bought their SeaWorld Souvenir cup. With the cup you are able to get refills throughout the park for less than a $1! The last ride of the day for us was the Journey to Atlantis (my hubby and I have been to Atlantis in the Bahamas). They had a great replica at SeaWorld. Time went by quick and we were exhausted! We missed the light show at the end but the boys had enough. One thing is for sure we will be back!

Planning a trip to SeaWorld? Here are a few tips I found helpful:

  • If it’s in your budget you will want to invest in the skip the line quick queue.
  • Invest in the Souvenior Cup!! Refills are only $0.99 and totally worth it!
  • If you plan on checking out the Kraken Unleashed you will need to reserve your spot as they fill up quickly!

If you are planning to trip to SeaWorld, Aquatica or any other amusement park I highly recommend staying hydrated! If you aren’t in SeaWorld at the Antarctica exhibit, I also recommend cooling towels or other cooling products.

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