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The Amazing Benefits of A Hot Stone Massage

A massage feels great! When you add in hot stone massage, the practice of heating up stones and placing them on the back, face, neck, and other sore spots, it feels even better. Few can argue that a hot stone massage can leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed, but did you know that there are plenty of scientifically proven health benefits as well?  

Studies have shown that it can reduce your stress 

A 2001 study has shown that a 10 minute massage can help reduce your heart rate, increase oxygen flow to your muscles, and help you breathe better.  

It can also help you recover from injuries 

Many people are familiar with sports massage, but may be surprised to learn that it can also help with surgeries. A study found that massages performed on colon surgery patients who underwent a massage experienced less pain and recovered faster. Since these surgeries are often quite painful, this means a lot for hospital patients everywhere. 

hot stone massage

And even save you from the pain of auto-immune disorders 

Sufferers of auto-immune disorders such as fibromyalgia know that finding relief from the pain can be impossible. Luckily, a hot stone massage can help improve symptoms. A 2002 study found that people suffering from fibromyalgia who received a 30 minute massage experienced fewer trigger points, slept for longer, and decreased levels of a substance known for sending pain signals.  

A more recent study showed that suffers of rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit—they experienced better grip strength and less pain after getting a hot stone massage. 

It can help reduce the symptoms of cancer 

While there is no cure for cancer, and may not be for a long time, there is hope for those who are undergoing the pain of it. A hot stone massage can also help reduce the pain of cancer and give your immune system a much needed boost. The study for this one showed that even when the patient had severe symptoms such as nausea, weakness, fatigue, and anxiety, a massage was helpful in reducing the symptoms. 

But what if you don’t have any illness? Can a hot stone massage help a healthy body? 

You don’t have to be in constant, chronic, pain to benefit from a hot stone massage. Even the healthiest person can experience a stressful day or end up with sore muscles. A hot stone massage is a great way to relax and give your body a way to relax. Studies have shown it can boost your immune system and help you recover faster from even small illnesses, so why not put it to work for yourself? 

hot stone massage

Make the most out of your visit 

If you decide a hot stone massage is right for you, call around before getting one to ask if the massage therapist is trained to use them. A hot stone massage is extremely therapeutic, but does require special handling. Since the stones are very hot, a towel should be placed as a barrier to prevent burns, and pregnant women should not get a hot stone massage without asking their health care provider first. 

A hot stone massage can be extremely beneficial for your health, so take advantage of this wonderful type of massage and book one today. If you are in Autauga County or one of the surrounding areas I highly recommend Smart SkinMed Spa & Salon. Their trained professionals are there to help make your visit a memorable and relaxing one!


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