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Teaching A Toddler the ABC’s Is Harder than It Sounds


I think we all go through a daily struggle with our toddlers but our latest struggle may end in my demise. It actually all started when Cullen was still a newborn. My husband and I don’t always agree but this was one thing we both agreed on. We choose to send Cullen to a private christian school and not to put him in public school. Not to down public school, if that is your choice, but that just wasn’t our decision. Yes public school is free, with the exception of snacks, lunch and field trips and hubby and I both survived it but as our country slowly declines we felt our decision was a wise one.

Cullen is now 4 with his fifth birthday coming in October. He wouldn’t be able to attend public school this year anyways with his late birthday. So we go through the process, as it is completely different from public school. We couldn’t just enroll him but instead he had to had to be tested and accepted. I took him for his test just coloring, talking and asking questions nothing to serious he is still just a toddler. The next morning I received a phone call from the principle letting me know he did great but there was a few areas of concern. She briefly explained to me their program and the things he needed to work on. I will never forget that phone call. My brain got the best of me and all I could think about was them saying he wasn’t intelligent. That was nothing like what she said but more so instead what I heard. Two completely different things.


One of the main areas of concern was him not what his ABC’s look like. He can sing his ABC’s just fine but identifying them was a different story. My husband and I talked about it that night and decided to crack down on Cullen so that by August, when school starts back, he would be able to identify his ABC’s effortlessly. Turns out this task is a lot harder than I imagined it would be. For weeks Cullen and I would sit down and practice our ABC’s. We would write them, trace them, call them by name and even broke out the old school flash cards. Nothing was helping, I felt helpless like I had failed as a parent.

Time for plan B, don’t ask me what plan C is because at this point I’m out of options. We decided to try the leap frog ABC phonics DVD. We play it once a day (sometimes more if he asks) at bedtime and in the car while we are out and about. We’ve tried this approach for almost two weeks now and he finally knows A and B. Anything past that point is still A, B, K or whatever else he comes up with. I’m almost to the pulling out my hair point which could very well be plan C. Until then or even after we will continue to repeat this process in hopes plan C doesn’t become a reality.

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