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I posted about 88 Handbags launching their new 2016 line last week. I finally got my hands on their new Hayley Satchel and I’m just not sure how I survived so long before 88. Ok maybe a little dramatic, as my husband would say, but I LOVE this brand! The good news is they are affordable, without sacrificing quality.

The Hayley Satchel is offered in 3 different colors. I went with the Navy Combo because the colors blend very well with each other. The satchel comes with both a handle and a strap option to fit any preference you may have. There are also 2 pouches as well as a zipped pouch on the inside which are great for a bag this size. I’ve recently purchased a few large bags and find there are never any pouches on the inside. My favorite thing about this Hayley Satchel is the brown tassel! Not sure why just know I adore it! Since discovering the 88 line last year I never use my Coach bags anymore. The quality of the 88 line is just that good and, again, affordable!

Vegan: 88 is PETA approved. No animal products used, ever! The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian and believes that the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming.

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