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A kitchen stuffed full of luxuries is a kitchen that every woman wants. Whether you’re an avid cook or just simply like the shiny things in life, it’s likely you dream of a kitchen that has easy access to all appliances that are needed, plus the ones that aren’t so necessary. Luxury kitchens can up the value of your home in a huge way, but if you aren’t planning to sell and just want to fill the room with pretty things that look nice, then you’ll love our list of luxury must-haves for your kitchen.

Check out these kitchen additions that you may not have considered before, but certainly won’t be able to live without once you’ve experienced living with them!

Wine Cooler. Okay, so you already have a state of the art refrigerator with an ice maker and a cold-water pump for those icy drinks on demand. Why not go one better and invest in a cooler specifically for that wine collection you’re building up? When things go wrong, there are companies out there that specialize in sub zero wine cooler repair, meaning that when you are entertaining friends, or simply having a Friday night in, you are covered. Making the space for a wine cooler may be a little more difficult, but a lot of people build these into the kitchen island. Easy to access and out of the way!

Culinary-Grade Oven. Your standard oven with four hobs to work on is a nice addition to the kitchen, but upgrading your cooking space can make a huge difference to your entire culinary experience. They maximise capacity, so if you are entertaining guests or making Christmas dinner, you definitely won’t be short on space. You can even add in a warming drawer for your dinner plates, meaning you can be served a delicious meal on a hot plate every night of the week!

Prep Sink. That brand new large island in the middle of the kitchen is perfect for food prep, so why not add in a sink? Prep sinks are smaller than the standard kitchen sink, given that they are primarily just for the preparation of fruit and vegetables. You can even install a garbage disposal for a compost bin for your peelings, meaning you’re doing something for the environment with your little touch of luxury!

Pantry. Kitchen cabinets on the walls take up the most space in a domestic kitchen. By having a pantry built in, you can store all your packet and canned goods somewhere you can walk into, leaving your cabinets free for plates and glasses. A pantry is also easily temperature controlled so that you can keep your goods cooled, even on the hottest of summer days. Your kitchen can benefit greatly from a pantry, so don’t rule it out in the planning stages, either.

These luxury kitchen items will come with a price, but you can’t put a price on comfort and ease of use, so why not indulge while you can and give yourself the nicest possible option!

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